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Acne, be it in your teenage years or adulthood, is something that many of us find ourselves dealing with from time to time. 

And though skincare like spot treatments and salicylic acid cleansers can help, sometimes we need professional help to remove all that trapped dirt and impurities in our clogged pores. So besides seeing a doctor to review our skin condition, many also turn to anti-acne facials to get rid of all that gunk within. 

Unfortunately, while facials are meant to be pampering, it’s not the case especially when it comes to anti-acne treatments that involve painful extractions, which can result in inflammation, broken capillaries or worse yet, even more breakouts.

Credit: New York Skin Solutions

Fortunately, this “no pain, no gain” beauty mentality can be a thing of the past with the New York Skin Solutions Cica Acne Treatment. 

It’s an effective yet oh-so-soothing and gentle facial to address your acne woes.  Check out our review of the treatment below.

An Honest Review Of What You Can Expect

Credit: New York Skin Solutions

After a double cleanse, a deep-cleansing step that incorporates Hydra Vortex technology effectively exfoliates and unclogs pores without the need for painful extractions. More importantly, it’s oh-so-comfortable that you would hardly feel a thing. 

This is followed by nourishing the skin with a CICA Acne Skincell Booster that’s enriched with cica, oligopeptide-146 and niacinamide. This concentrate is delivered into the skin via Galvanic technology to ensure that it’s absorbed into the deep skin layers, and it not only prevents future breakouts, but also heals and hydrates the skin. 

To finish, a soothing algae mask is applied to lock in moisture and all the benefits of the CICA Acne Skincell Booster to keep complexion clean and clear. 

The result is a smooth, soft and glowy complexion, complete with smaller pore size, and without the downside like redness or marks that often comes with an anti-acne facial. In fact, skin is so clear that you can head out to meet your friends with no one being the wiser. 

If you’re looking for an effective and gentle solution to your acne woes, look no further than the New York Skin Solutions Cica Acne Treatment. Say goodbye to painful extractions and hello to a clear and radiant complexion.

What our testers say about treatment: “My skin felt so clean and balanced for the next one week. My therapist was confident in her methods and very reassuring. I totally value her skills and confidence more than anything.”

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