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Award: Best Eyelash Extensions 

Winner: Dreamlash Korean Classic Eyelash Extensions 

Everyone knows the old adage about the eyes being the windows to our souls. Which means our lashes are the curtains that dress these windows. And we would want these “curtains” to look their best always, right? 

Thanks to eyelash extensions, you won’t need to fiddle around with mascara or falsies any more. Best bit? They instantly add volume to your natural lash line, open the eyes and make you appear more youthful. It brings a whole new meaning to “I woke up like this”. And who wouldn’t want to wake up every day with lush, flutter-worthy lashes? 

The downside though, you have to be careful of unsanitary practices and poor techniques that can lead to irritation, infection and even damaged natural lashes. 

That’s why you should only trust reputable lash salons, like Dreamlash Korea. 

Rest Assured That Your Lashes Are In Good Hands

Credit: Dreamlash

At Dreamlash, it focuses on creating the perfect lash design using safe techniques and practices developed in Korea. You’ll be assured quality at this premium Korean Eyelash Extension studio with its designed and produced in Korea lashes. In addition, each of the studio’s lash artists are trained at The Lash Academy and certified by KELA (Korea EyeLash Association). 

Credit: Dreamlash

More importantly, Dreamlash believes that there is no one-size-fits-all lash design. This means that every lash design is customised to your unique eye shape and size, looking as if you’re born with naturally full and lush lashes. 

Soft, Light Lashes That Feel So Comfortable  

Credit: Dreamlash

But what truly sets Dreamlash apart from the other studios is the lashes used. Instead of the traditional strip lash or cluster lash, the studio uses individual strands, which are meticulously placed, safeguarding your natural lash growth. This not only minimises damage and breakage of your natural lashes, but also ensures that you feel comfortable with the extensions on. Additionally, Dreamlash is also meticulous in their consultation. They will skillfully access your natural lashes before deciding on the lash extension design. 

There is also a wide range of different lash types and styles to choose from, depending on your lifestyle needs and preferred makeup style. Want something that looks uber natural? Try the natural mink lash. For something inspired by your favourite new-gen idols, Korean volume lashes will add instant glamour to your look. 

At the same time, each lash is also light and soft, so you won’t even feel them on. 

Dreamlash is also suitable for those with sensitive eyes. They pride themselves on protecting your natural lashes and will not do anything that would compromise the health of your natural lashes. There is the option to use an alternative lash glue to ensure that your lash extensions won’t cause any irritation. 

The Answer To An Instant K-Beauty Glow-Up

Credit: Dreamlash

Always wanted to look like your favourite K-drama actress or K-Pop idol? Dreamlash’s Korean Classic Eyelash Extensions is an easy way to achieve that natural K-beauty glow-up.

Individual synthetic lash extensions are applied to each of your individual natural lashes (one extension per natural eyelash) to create a light and airy look. 

Each strand is carefully placed at a comfortable distance from your lash line, so you won’t feel any discomfort. It’s the perfect complement to that barely-there, K-beauty look that all the celebrities sport. 

For more information, visit Dreamlash (@dreamlashkorea) at #B1-07 Citylink Mall, Tel: 6884-8019; #04-24 Compass One, Tel: 6386-5226; or WhatsApp 8809 8846 to make a booking 

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