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If you’ve bleached, dyed, permed or straightened your hair, you’ll know how rough, dry and frizzy hair can get after.

This is why we’re always looking for anti-frizz and hair smoothing treatments that can leave hair lustrous and healthy once more. And while there are in-salon options, at-home care is always preferred when you’re busy.

Fortunately, the K18 Leave-In Molecular Repair Hair Mask is able to repair hair damage to reveal smooth and shiny tresses.

Not convinced? It’s loved by hair stylists and colourists as well as beauty enthusiasts. In fact, the hashtag #K18hairflip has over 10 billion views on TikTok!

The Key To Healthy, Strong Hair

The secret lies in the use of a patented K18peptide™. This amino acid-rich vegan formula is also able to penetrate deeper into the cortex of the hair than traditional repair products to deliver the active ingredients to reconnect the broken polypeptide chains. This, in turn, reconnects the keratin chains, reforming the bonds and repairing the damage done to restore hair back to its original and healthy state.

More importantly, the formula uses biomimetics, which mimics the natural structure of the hair’s keratin building blocks. This patented K18peptide™ is recognised by our hair, which prevents it from being washed away during each shampoo. In short, it’s not just a temporary fix.

Over time, it strengthens hair, improving its elasticity while reversing the damage from chemical services and heated styling.

Best bit? It takes four minutes to transform dry, frizzy and rough hair into smoother, softer and shinier tresses.

And while it’s ideal for bleached, coloured, permed or straightened hair, it’s suitable for all hair types too.

For best results, apply a pump of the leave-in mask on clean, towel-dried hair. You’ll want to skip conditioner because conditioners often use silicones and conditioning agents to coat the hair, which can prevent the peptide formula from working its magic.

Use this after every wash (up to four washes), followed by an application once a week.

Our Testers Say…

“The creamy texture applied easily and the light scent was not overpowering, which was good. Our freshly bleached hair felt smooth, not as tangled and less dry.

Patience is key. While we saw a significant improvement on our bleached hair after two uses, it was not as pronounced as what we saw after our fourth use.

With consistent use, our hair was less frizzy and more tame. For bleached hair like ours, this was a lifesaver.”

Award: Best Hair Mask for Dry and Damaged Hair (Editor’s Choice)

Winner: K18 Leave-In Molecular Repair Hair Mask

K18 Leave-In Molecular Repair Hair Mask, $120. Available at

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