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The award: Most Innovative Haircare Centre 

The winner: Papilla Haircare 

For most of us, healthy, lustrous tresses require plenty of effort and dedication to upkeep – there is a reason why your hair is called your crowning glory, after all. Thankfully, there is help at hand. Papilla Haircare is the brainchild of billionaire heiress Kim Lim, and is the first medically backed anti-hairloss centre in Singapore. 

The key to its treatments lies in the use of science-based approaches to develop innovative protocols to address your hair and scalp woes. The result: Clinically proven programmes that have been meticulously developed by Papilla’s panel of Korean dermatologists, hair transplant surgeons and scientists. 

Why we like it

Extensive research has led Papilla to develop its proprietary Botanical Cell Technology that pairs the use of botanical stem cell extracts with salmon PDRN in its anti-hairloss treatments. 

In fact, the technology even received an Excellence in Bio-Science Technology Award from the Korean Ministry of Science for its cell technology in 2016, and another award for the innovative use of salmon PDRN. 

So what makes the technology so amazing? It is powered by a formula that helps boost communication between the hair cells, generating a bio-signalling effect among them. This, in turn, helps to restore health to your locks and scalp.  

In addition, these cultured cells are DNA-free, which means the formula is completely safe, 100 per cent natural and effective. 

Treatments to try

S.E.P. Activator for Hair Loss, $128 (usual price: $450)

An alternative to injections, this breakthrough treatment uses the world’s first US FDA-approved needle-free transdermal delivery system to enhance the absorption and delivery of active ingredients into the scalp. The non-invasive device is truly a star – compared to traditional micro-needling, it is comfortable, minimal pain and comes with no downtime.

The advantage of using Scalpelectroporation® (or S.E.P.), is that both micro- and macro-molecules can be safely delivered into the skin via low electrical pulses. Plus, when it comes to infusing salmon PDRN into the scalp, S.E.P. is reportedly 17 times more effective than topical application. 

The treatment includes a scalp mask, serum, as well as red or blue LED light therapy, depending on your scalp condition. 

DNA Activator for Hair Thinning, $98 (usual price: $220)

Combining iontophoresis and ionisation, this treatment helps encourage the hair’s growth cycle while refreshing the scalp. Cells rich in growth factors activate dormant and weakened dermal papilla, then ionisation therapy is used to balance the pH of the scalp, improving and strengthening it. The result: healthier hair.  

The treatment begins with a micro-bubble generator that creates negatively charged ions to remove all traces of dirt and impurities on the hair and scalp. 

This is followed by the use of a head spa massager, which gives the scalp an acupressure massage to stimulate microcirculation. After hair is washed, an airbrush is used to evenly apply the tonic serum on the scalp. To enhance its absorption, iontophoresis therapy is used. 

To finish, the scalp is treated to a red LED light therapy, followed by a blow-dry to get hair neat and smooth. 

Papilla Haircare is at #05-25A/B Ngee Ann City, tel: 6465-4565. Or visit here.

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