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No matter what your hair texture or colour may be, remember that healthy hair always looks better. After all, who wouldn’t want shampoo commercial-worthy locks every day?

And while a diligent home-care routine is necessary for restoring hair back to its lustrous state, it’s not always the easiest option.

Lucky for us, You Are My Sunshine has the answer to all our hair woes with its Magical Cinderella Treatment. The best bit? It’s a much easier alternative.


If you’re already a fan of the popular Cinderella treatment from Korea, then you definitely have to try the Magical Cinderella treatment.

This elevated version, developed by You Are My Sunshine’s senior salon director Issac Ng, promises to give you smooth, shiny tresses that will be the envy of all your friends.

Its secret lies in the use of a higher percentage of natural aloe vera. In short, this means that you get 5,000mg of aloe vera keratin that will help smooth and hydrate the hair cuticles, which in turn prolongs the smoothing effect of the treatment.

And unlike other keratin treatments that can leave your hair feeling stiff and brittle when done too often, the Magical Cinderella Treatment doesn’t.

This is because it is more than just a regular keratin treatment. It is also able to strengthen, hydrate and repair hair at the same time.

It also doubles as a scalp repair treatment, restoring balance to your scalp.


Despite its sprawling space on the fifth level of Ngee Ann City, the ambience of the salon is warm and welcoming.

Thanks to high partitions and private pods with chairs in solos, pairs and trios, there is a sense of privacy too.

Upon arrival, we were immediately offered a drink, which you can pick off the menu from the salon’s adjoining cafe.

You can even order something to munch on if you’re feeling hungry. Once seated, you’ll never have to leave your chair until the end of your treatment. Everything comes to you, including the mobile wash basin for washing your hair.

We were even given a blanket to keep ourselves warm. The salon also offers a unique “8-day promise” policy, where you can return for a touch-up (within eight days) at no extra charge.

It’s these attentive little touches that really make a difference. The treatment started with a double cleanse to get rid of all the dirt, impurities and sebum on our hair.

Next, the plant-based keratin cream was applied, and we were left to sit under the heater for 10 minutes. After that, our hair was dried and flat-ironed – this step infuses the active ingredients into the hair. Our hair was then rinsed, and a cuticle sealer lotion was applied to seal everything in.

To finish, our hair was blow-dried. Overall, the treatment was very pampering. Our hair felt so soft and looked so shiny that we couldn’t stop staring at our reflection in the mirror.

A week after, our hair still remained easy to blow-dry after each wash.

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