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Love experimenting with bold colours or pastel hues on your hair?

Be it new trends or fresh ways to add colour to your tresses, one thing’s for sure, bleach is often included to achieve that bolder, brighter tone you’re looking for.

Unfortunately, bleaching can be a pain, literally. When applied too closely to the scalp, it can irritate and burn. But that’s not all. Too much bleaching can also damage the hair, leaving it dry and brittle, and even resulting in breakage. And to any hair chameleon, that can be utterly disastrous.

Thankfully, when it comes to a hair colour change, the team at Blonde & Pastel Hair Salon have your back.

Protecting Hair Even With Multiple Colour Change

To ensure that hair stays well-protected even with multiple rounds of colouring, the salon uses Shiseido Professional’s Ultist by Primience. This colour range is specially developed for Asian hair. It uses an innovative Color-in-Core Technology that protects the hair from damage, keeping it beautiful and shiny with long-lasting colour; perfect for those of us who love to switch up our hair colour often.

This Color-in-Core Technology works in three ways:

  1. It keeps hair smooth at the core by restraining protein denaturation and protecting hair against damage.
  2. It helps alkali and colour dyes travel to the core of the hair to deliver a rich colour to hair.
  3. It creates a hydrophobic veil to keep excess moisture out, ensuring your new hair colour stays and looks vibrant for longer.

In addition, it also uses a neutral grey base that’s able to control the red and yellow undertones in our Asian hair, allowing lighter colours to pop without the need to bleach the hair excessively.

More importantly, it’s got a wide range of colour and tone options to help you achieve the finished look you desire.

Application Techniques For A Head-Turning Result

To bring out the best results from the product, expert skills are just as important. And the

Blonde & Pastel team have also worked hard to hone their colour application skills. By using weaving and slicing highlight techniques, they’re able to create a multi-dimensional effect that not only looks natural but will also turn heads.

And if you’re looking for a truly seamless blend of colour, the team also specialises in Airtouch and highlights techniques to create low-maintenance colours for anyone who wants a natural yet sophisticated look.

What You Can Expect

“The salon is located on the second storey of a row of shophouses along North Bridge Road, so you’ll need to climb a flight of stairs to get there.  

The salon is a cosy, light-filled space with warm wooden parquet flooring. A large industrial-looking chandelier takes centre stage in the main salon area where there are six metallic chairs for customers. There are also two additional seats on the loft above.

To being, our stylist, Richard, asked us about our colour preferences and was very patient as we showed him various pictures of what we wanted to achieve. He also asked about our past colouring experiences and we shared what we had done before.

And as we had last bleached our hair in December and there was substantial regrowth, Richard shared that he would try his best to colour the roots, but also warned that there might be breakage due to the bleaching process that needed to be done and our already weakened locks. At the same, he also cautioned that the colour we chose might not come out exactly as what we had seen in the colour chart since our hair had been previously bleached and dyed.

We were glad that Richard was upfront the potential problems and managed our expectations, which could help prevent any nasty surprises at the end.

He also threw in a quick trim as our hair was out of shape.

The bleaching was done by two assistants, their fingers working swiftly and deftly. And even though the bleach was touching our scalp, we never felt any irritation from it. We did a total of three rounds of bleaching to get our hair clean to better absorb the colours we would be applying after. We also appreciated how Richard would come over from time to time to check on the process.

During the colour application, Richard oversaw it personally together with an assistant. He expertly teased out strands for the highlights and wrapped each layer in foil. We sat there for another 30 minutes before heading for our final rinse.

After it was done, our hair was blown-dried and curled.

We loved our new hair colour! It came out as expected and we received numerous compliments from family and friends, and even complete strangers! And even though it was bleached three times, our hair did not feel overly dry or damaged.

Overall, it was a very pleasant experience and we felt that our hair was in good hands as Richard and his team were very attentive and patient throughout the session. We would definitely go back again.”

Award: Best Hair Colour (with Bleach)
Winner: Blonde & Pastel Hair Salon (using Shiseido Professional)

For more details or to book an appointment with Blonde & Pastel and Shiseido Professional Color Creator, Richard Tan, visit Blonde & Pastel Hair Salon, 770A North Bridge Road, Tel: 6970-5718

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