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Did you know that post-partum hair loss is more common than you realise? In fact, it happens to up to 90 per cent of women after they’ve given birth. 

Post-partum hair loss is often associated with the fourth trimester, which peaks about 12 weeks (or fourth month) after your little one is born. Why does this happen? It’s because during pregnancy, most of your hair stays in the growth phase due to the hormonal changes that’s happening within your body. But after the baby arrives, these hormones change resulting in oestrogen levels falling. This leads to your hair heading into its shedding phase, which is why post-partum hair loss happens. 

Fortunately, all is not loss. With a proper scalp care routine that includes a hair tonic, you can prevent, or at least slow down, this hair loss. 

To rescue your post-partum hair thinning and hair loss blues, try the PHS HAIRSCIENCE FEM Fortify Tonic.

Specially formulated to address hair loss and thinning hair woes, this tonic is enriched with advanced ingredients and botanical extracts that have been carefully selected to deliver vital nutrients to nourish the hair and strengthen the scalp.

The multi-tasking tonic not only reinvigorates the hair follicles, but also repairs and restores damaged hair follicles, which in turn strengthens the scalp to promote healthy hair growth. Plus, the formula is also anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial, helping to soothe and improve scalp health at the same time. 

Simply section towel-dried hair and spray it along your hair line before massaging it in. It also absorbs quickly into the scalp, leaving no sticky or greasy residue, making it easy to use. 

“After two weeks, I felt my hair texture thicken and the hair fall decrease. In fact, my hair in the shower hair trap actually lessened! My scalp also felt less tight and itchy.” – Her World Beauty Awards 2023 judge 

For A Complete Anti-Hair Loss Routine

More importantly, your scalp care routine shouldn’t stop here. For healthy and lush hair, maintenance is key, even after your hair loss has slowed down. This ensures that you continue to create a conducive environment for hair growth by reducing scalp inflammation and follicle blockage.

Best bit? PHS HAIRSCIENCE makes it easy with its FEM Fortify Bundle Kit. It consists of four essential products – ADV Elixir, FEM Fortify Shampoo, FEM Fortify Conditioner and FEM Fortify Tonic, to help restore scalp health, reduce hair fall and control hair loss. 

There is a reason why PHS HAIRSCIENCE is so well-loved by many. What sets the brand apart is its attention to women’s unique hair loss woes. After all, many anti-hair loss brands are either neutral – suitable for both genders, or often male-skewed. However, PHS HAIRSCIENCE has specifically addressed women-specific hair and scalp concerns, such as post-partum hair loss, with the FEM Fortify range, and of course, the FEM Fortify Tonic. 

Want to know more? New mummies and mummies-to-be, can check out the PHS HAIRSCIENCE booth (C09) at the Mummys Market Baby Fair happening from 7 – 9 July 2023. Besides exclusive deals and early bird specials, there’s also a fun Spin & Win where you can walk away with free PHS HAIRSCIENCE treatments too. 

Award: Best Anti-Hair Loss Treatment (Department/Specialty Store)

Winner: PHS Hairscience FEM Fortify Tonic 

For more information, check out PHS HAIRSCIENCE IG account (@phshairscience) for updates. 

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