Singaporeans will never have enough of Korean BBQ. It's actually more than a social pastime to us. Binging out in Korean BBQ Restaurants is more like a hobby and conquering every Korean BBQ places in Singapore is the lifetime goal.

Thus, we're here to help you realise and materialise that lifetime achievement with this list of 11 Korean BBQ restaurants.

1. I Am Kim


Korean BBQ Buffet Just needed to fill my stomach few days back with fried foods, BBQ meats and Korean side dishes!

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Buffet with the girls ??? #food #foodphotography #foodie #foodporn #nothealthy #nothealthyatall #koreanbbq #buffet

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Located at the foot of SOTA, I Am Kim Korean BBQ restaurant is a haven for students of Kaplan private institution at POMO and Wilkie Edge and other young adults that are around the area. Being in the heart of a young environment also means that the crowd that it pulls are young'uns and you'll be greeted by an energetic vibe the moment you step into the restaurant.

While the expected fried chicken and tteokbokki is aplenty, the meat itself is an amazing highlight. We recommend you to try the Volcano Chicken. Spicy and tasty!

2. Ssikkek Korean Grill BBQ Buffet


Bulgogi bulgogi gogo bulgogi

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I visited Ssikkek Korean Grill BBQ at Bras Basah on a Wednesday night with a friend (we were there at about 8pm). The surprising part about the visit was that it was empty. There was only one other group of patron besides us. Haven't been to an empty Korean BBQ so that experience was very calming for once. The food was still reasonably topped up since whatever we wanted were available for us to eat.

Although Ssikkek at Bras Basah did not boast a huge variety of meat, we didn't see that as much of a problem - whatever meat available (especially the marinated pork belly) was enough to send us into a binging frenzy.

3. 2D1N Soju Bang Korean Restaurant


#throwback Last Saturday's dinner ??

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Ate here with a group of friends and we were ushered into one of the 'private rooms' upon our request for the ala-carte section (yes, I had ala-carte here instead of buffet). Thing is, the private room was pretty small and the walls are thin so you'll be listening to conversations happening beyond the room. In any case, we made the space work to our group size and it didn't take long till our food came.

Ordered delicious sides - Kimchi Pancake, Tteokbokki, loads of Kimchi and a few others. We had a few dishes of Bibimbap, Tofu Stew (spicy) and Chicken Stew (also spicy, the one I had). Unsurprisingly, it was delicious.

4. Superstar K


catching up over kbbq (^∇^)

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At Tanjong Pagar Road, you'll find the superstar of Korean BBQ, Superstar K. With its interior so gorgeously furnished into an industrial setting, it actually looks like a themed restaurant. It's located about a minute's walk from Kko Kko Nara (or two from 2D1N Soju Bang).

Superstar K boasts authenticity in terms of dining experience and food. With its exhaust suction pipes that droop from the ceiling, and the food offered in the menu, you'll feel as though you were in Korea!

5. Supulae Korean Restaurant


Army stew cravings satisfied. ?

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call me samgyeopsal mad ? #kfood #koreanfood #supulae #supulaesg

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Supulae is yet another Korean restaurant that's located in Tanjong Pagar - which I will now refer to as 'Korean Town', because of its endless variety of amazing Korean food. Supulae isn't as popular as its neighbours like Wabar, Kko Kko Nara and Chicken Up, but don't let that fool you. Supulae is just as amazing with its ala-carte-meets-BBQ offerings.

As with most Korean restaurants, the dishes available in Supulae includes its Spicy Pork Rib Stew, Kimchi Soup and/or Ramen. Unlike typical BBQ restaurants, Supulae works in an ala-carte for its BBQ menu. Choose your BBQ set depending on your group size!

6. Jangwon


Last night's dinner at Jang Won? #cherlynfoodlife

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Finally, we get out of Korean Town and into Chinatown, where we recommend Jang Won to fill your tummies with authentic Korean food, served by a Korean family. It's been reviewed by many as a Korean restaurant that exudes a comfortably warm feeling - like you're home. And we have to agree. It does feel like you're home while binging in Jang Won Korean Restaurant.

Try its tender Short Pork Rib (So Galbi) and Grilled Pork Belly (Samgyeopsal) because it's going to leave you with the best impression of the restaurant. Besides, they taste homemade - it's the closest you'll ever get to tasting a Korean mom's cooking!

7. Blue Garden Korean BBQ Restaurant


Korean bbq!

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Blue Garden Korean BBQ Restaurant exists in the premises of Link Hotel, a location that's contrasting when compared alongside the other restaurants mentioned in this list.

Bulgogi, bulgogi, bulgogi. I'd grade Blue Garden's spread an A1, with its beef, chicken and pork bulgogi, marinated pork, pork collar, marinated beef belly, ribeye and more!

8. K.Cook Korean BBQ Buffet


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FULL.DIE.ME??? #koreanbbq#thursday#

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K.Cook Korean BBQ Buffet is located in Orchard Central and while we're seeing a dip in the crowd shopping at the big OC, K.Cook is still charming visitors in. No small spaces, low ceiling or sub-par decor here - everything is furnished to its best.

The restaurant basks in its inexpensiveness at only $14.90++ for a weekday lunch and $24.90++ for a weekday dinner. Like Blue Garden, K.Cook Korean BBQ Buffet boasts a huge meat spread.

9. Hyang-To-Gol Korean BBQ


Happiness of the day? #beeflover #koreanfood #imhungryagain

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Was thinking of a caption till we finished the first round of beef. ???

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We're back at Tanjong Pagar, but not in Korean Town. This time, we're headed to the second floor of Amara Hotel where Hyang-To-Gol Korean BBQ resides. Unlike those above, this Korean BBQ restaurant serves only premium dishes and ingredients - which naturally comes with a mind-boggling price tag.

Looking past its expensiveness, Hyang-To-Gol features meats that are of the highest quality. Its Chadolbaegi (Slice Beef Brisket) is the cheapest dish for BBQ-ing set at $35. Everything else will cost you about $45 and above. Try out Hyang-To-Gol only if you'd like a taste of luxury meat!

10. Seorae Korean BBQ Restaurant


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Dinner with @pyblursotong #seorae #kbbq #plazasingapura #waited2hours

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Seorae Korean BBQ Restaurant is located in Plaza Singapura and officially opened in December 2015. Unlike buffet restaurants, you'll have to order the meat that you'd like to barbeque so that patrons will not waste too much food. It's a little steep, but it's just a small price you'll have to pay for a taste that's larger than life.

The menu is so wide-ranging, you'll be incredibly impressed by the restaurant! Featuring 11 different pork dishes and 6 different beef dishes for you to barbeque, Seorae Korean BBQ Restaurant will set your appetite on fire!

11. Ju Shin Jung


YoloBbq #imback

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good food with good company ????? #한국음식 #주신정 #김치 #돌솥비빔밥 #김치팬케이크

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Ju Shin Jung @ Robertson Walk is another restaurant that delivers the best Korean BBQ. Choose the meat you'd barbeque from these six - Seasoned slice beef, pork belly, pork collar, marinated pork, marinated chicken, tiger prawn. And here's the bonus round: Marinated beef-rib and wagyu beef chuck-rib.

Ju Shin Jung is also open in East Coast Park, West Coast and Guillemard Road.

Are you craving for some Korean BBQ yet? I sure am!


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