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The busy woman's guide to playing Pokemon Go without letting it take over your life

The game may be an addictive hit of nostalgia, but you’re not a kid anymore and have grown-up responsibilities to attend to – which unfortunately do not include catching Pikachus and taking over neighbourhood gyms. Here are six ways to enjoy the game without neglecting your real world obligations!


Fair warning: Gaming jargon galore. Proceed with caution.

1. Kill three birds with one “throw” of your PokeBall

Ion Orchard’s a hotspot for ‘Mons of all sorts, so why not go hunting, run errands and shop along Orchard Road at the same time? Designed to attract a large number of Pokemon to the location, lures will be released at said mall until August 21, 2016. Word on the street is there are Eevees, Bulbasaurs and Squirtles in the vicinity! Warning: Set a timer of some sort so you don’t lose track of the time.

2. Maximise public transport

Buses are a great way to catch Pokemon on the go, plus it’s a lot safer than walking with your head down along the streets (and running the risk of bumping into trees or worse).

3. Multi-task at the hair salon

Two schools of thought: Some say walking around during the 30 minutes that “incense” is in effect works best for drawing Pokemon to you; some argue movement makes no difference. (And if the preceding sentence makes precisely zero sense to you … well, take five to brush up on the basics. We’ll be right here waiting.) In any case, we have it on good faith that staying stationary wouldn’t inhibit Pokemon from “spawning”, so if there’s a PokeStop near your hairdresser, feel free to let rip a lure module. Good hair and maybe a Dragonair? 

4. It’s a walk in the park, really

Even if you’re one of the lucky few with access to a PokeStop from the comfort of your bed, you shouldn’t be spending your weekends lying dormant like a Metapod. Aim to hit those two-, five- and ten-kilometre targets so as to hatch incubated eggs and gain Stardust and XP. You don’t even have to keep your eyes on the screen for the eggs to clock the distance; just leave your app on and take a jog. If the Grab map is to be believed, there have been Gyarados and Blastoise sightings, as well as Magikarp and Growlithe Nests dotted within the confines of Jurong Gardens. The Chinese and Japanese Gardens are also reportedly home to at least three Gyms and 20 PokeStops, too. 

5. Spend social hours at a Singapore landmark

Can’t decide where you and your friends should hang out during the weekend? Sentosa, Marina Bay Sands and Gardens by the Bay are among the places with multiple PokeStops and Gyms. Fun fact: PokeStop and Gym locations were decided based on developer Niantic’s previous game, Ingress, which relied on historical and cultural landmarks, Google geo-tagged photos and various other locations submitted by Ingress players. This explains why tourist locations are often sprouting with PokeStops. To wit, the Wildlife Reserves Singapore (WRS) says that eight Pokemon Gyms and 78 Pokestops can be found within the four parks of the WRS, making them a viable destination to try and “catch ‘em all”! Check out this map detailing their locations.

6. Catch a PokeMate by going on PokeDates

Having surpassed Tinder in its number of downloads, could “Pokemon Go and Chill” be a new thing? Dating app LunchClick seems to think that the new craze might just be the well, tinder needed to ignite that special spark, what with the addition of a new “Pokemon Hunting” category to its in-app Propose-a-Date function. How this works in a nutshell: Singles using LunchClick’s app will now be able to access a list of Pokemon hotspots and go Pokemon hunting with their matches.

“Based on my personal experience, Pokemon Go doesn’t just help to strengthen existing relationships between couples, among families and friends – it’s also a great way to build new relationships as well!” notes Violet Lim, CEO of LunchClick and co-founder of dating agency Lunch Actually.