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Going commando at night might be a radical for us Asians, seeing as how we’re less open to “exposing” ourselves, even when no one, except perhaps our spouse is aware of it.

However, it turns out that not wearing your underwear overnight might just be the cure for your recurring yeast infection. The reason: Keeping your private bits covered creates a warm and moist environment perfect for bacteria to thrive in, thanks to discharge and perspiration. On the other hand, letting your vagina air while you sleep keeps it dry and clean.

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However, if you’re not accustomed to the idea of not wearing your underwear to bed, choose a loose-fitting one made of cotton – it’s more absorbent compared to other materials. Or go for one of those ladies boxer shorts.

So tonight before you hit the sheets, you might just want to consider removing your panties. Your vagina will thank you for it. And it might even lead to some sexy action with hubby too!

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