Where to get stylish flower arrangements for Mother's Day, your home or a birthday

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Fiona Treadwell Floristry by Fiona Treadwell  (image above)


1. Why did you start your business and what training did you have?
I was banker before I became a florist and I started in 2012 because of my own wedding – I only really liked my own bouquet designs! I’m trained with NY flower school and this July I’m returning to the US for more hippie florist learning and fun!

2.What kind of arrangements do you work on?
I make bouquets and arrangements for all occasions, not just weddings, but they all come with a story. I try my best to incorporate the character of the recipient, their personality and their wedding dress (if it’s for a wedding), into my creations. While other florists just show you a client a catalogue, I like to delve a little deeper.

3. Where do you get your flowers?
All around the world, but right now Garden Roses and David Austin’s are my favorite flowers to work with. They are undoubtedly the ‘Queen of Roses’. Bridal Bouquets are still my favorite to make, simply because they are so meaningful.

4. What makes a unique creation?
As cheesy as it sounds, everyone is unique and the flowers you receive should reflect that. They should be worked to convey the sender’s sincerity, honesty, and get a message across with the most exotic and best blooms around.


A usual bespoke Mother’s Day bouquet starts from $200, but this week you can choose to split it into two mini bouquets. So one for your mum and one for your mother-in-law! *Standard bouquet comes with delivery and hand-doodled card.


Where to get stylish flower arrangements for Mother's Day, your home or a birthday

Poppy Flora Studio  by Sarah Lim


Tel: 62258496

1. What brought you to the flower industry?

I was in advertising for eight years before I started Poppy in 2000. Being advertising and marketing other people’s brands, I thought I should create my own instead. I took a leap of faith and did a stint in Perth on the mechanism of creating  proper arrangements. It was not a hobby. It was a discovery and than a passion forever.

2. Sell your designs to us!
My bouquets and arrangements offer flowers that ‘dance’.  I love how different flowers are, and I love to give them their deserved space to showcase their beauty and grace.

3. How do you make your looks work?
I’m going tell you my little design secret…it’s not about using expensive blooms , is aboutt foraging for wild pieces. I love wild greens and vines and tying all the types together. This is my favourite way.

4. Why should our readers buy from you?
I believe the more natural an arrangement is, the more it stands out and looks unique. At Poppy, we use seasonal, unique flowers and materials so our work will alway be artistic, intentional and inspirational. 

5. Any tips for budding florists?

Follow your heart and do the right thing.

 Beautiful floral blooms are getting super special and interesting

The Floral Atelier by Lelian Chew


Tel: 8869 2830


1. Why did you start up?

In 2015. The Floral Atelier is an extension of The Wedding Atelier, a Hong Kong-based regional event planning boutique for luxury weddings and personal celebrations. The Wedding Atelier focuses on a limited number of clients, and we’ve had to disappoint some who wanted to engage us to style their special events. The Floral Atelier was born to fill that need, and having a dedicated floral and decor arm allows us to spread our magic to a wider audience.

2. How did you train?

In FlowerSchool NewYork for two months. The classes were very intensive, 10 hours a day for five days a week, where we learnt flower care techniques, design concepts and technical construction. I became fully equipped not just with the art, but also the science to obtain structure, balance, form and space, which is crucial to being a successful florist.

3. Describe your designs…

We’re a couture floral boutique with multi-functional capabilities. Our aim is to enhance the quality and craft of floral service offerings in Singapore, and it’s our goal to introduce flowers as part of one’s everyday life – whether for home, work or play. 

4. What are Singaporeans looking for from their blooms?

We’re becoming more sophisticated in our floral tastes and needs. To ensure our work stands out we collaborate with various branded partners to curate our gifting options. One of our latest collections was when we teamed up with Maison Ladurée, creator of the world’s most exquisite macarons. 

5. Any advice for budding florists?

It’s important to understand the market and find a niche for yourself in what’s becoming a highly competitive market. Look beyond our local shores to find inspiration to bring to your clientele. And always remember to stay hungry!


Where to get stylish flower arrangements for Mother's Day, your home or a birthday

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Florals by Benita by Benita Aw Yeong



1. Were flowers a hobby before a career?  

I never dabbled in flowers growing up. I didn’t come from a family of entrepreneurs. I took up night classes at a local flower school for a couple of months when I first started work as a journalist, and back then I didn’t feel like I had flair or talent. As time progressed I started making bouquets for friends, who encouraged me with kind words about my creations.

2. When did floristry become a full-time job?

In June 2015 I left my job and did a short stint for a local florist, but I didn’t feel like I was learning fast enough. Thanks to the encouragement from my husband, I started my own business from our home months later.

3. What kinds of bouquets do you make?

Everyday bouquets and wedding flowers mainly, like bridal bouquets, boutonnieres, floral crowns and wrist corsages. I like to use a mix of flowers, fillers and foliage which are rustic but still romantic, elegant and not overly messy. Roses are a staple I can’t live without. I also like scabiosa, protea and fresh lavender.

4. How do you make an arrangement special?

Understanding the client and their preferences makes for a successful arrangement. Crafting something that reflects who they are makes it unique to them. I think I offer an interesting perspective on flowers at a decent price point. 

5. Any nuggets of wisdom for wannabe florists?

Don’t let inexperience or fear stop you. The market (and not well-meaning friends, parents, or colleagues) will probably try to discourage you, but give it your all and see where it takes you!