You’re feeling listless and dreaming about your next holiday as you plough through the heaps of work in front of you. Somewhere out there, a spectacular escape filled with breathtaking views of the oceans, fresh and local flavours, and the promise of revitalising wellness retreats awaits you. If you’re thinking twice about a cruise vacation because you’re not sure what to expect, here are some tips from Princess Cruises to help you out on what to pack, what and who to look out for on board, and how to stay fit and fabulous regardless of the endless dining spreads.

The instant noodles can stay at home

It is impossible to go hungry on board with the huge selection of dining options and a 24-hour complimentary room service. You can definitely leave the instant noodles at home as there is a variety of dining options on board ranging from buffets to high teas, formal dining and pizzerias readily available at any time of the day!

Burn those calories if you must

The temptations of endless dining options on board and a complimentary all-day room service can lure even the healthiest and sportiest of travellers towards lazing around after a heavy meal. Avoiding the elevators and taking the ship’s many stairs after a satisfying buffet lunch will definitely help you work off those calories.

Or, why not make a run or jog around the Lido deck (deck seven) of Sapphire Princess, which is about three kilometres long and offers cool ocean breezes and spectacular views of the horizon? Alternatively, you could join one of the Zumba or ballroom dance classes for an engaging body-toning session!

Pack light, pack right

The essentials you should pack include a sweater or windbreaker for chilly evenings on deck out in the open sea, as well as casual wear, including sports shorts and jeans, which you can easily wear throughout the day; and of course, a pair of comfortable shoes. Cruising is also a great chance for you to dress stylishly and feel like royalty!

There are also self-service launderettes with washers, dryers and laundry products on board. If you’ve planned a fancy dinner (Princess Cruises voyages lasting five days or longer have at least one formal dining night), you can also take advantage of the onboard laundry, press-only and professional cleaning service for a nominal fee, and not have to worry about embarrassingly creased cocktail dresses or shirts.

Travel smart with a carry-on

Pack a carry-on bag for practical reasons. With a few items ready at hand as you’re waiting for your luggage to be delivered to your stateroom, you can get started on your vacation immediately.

If you’re travelling with your children or elderly parents, head straight up to any of the five swimming pools on board Sapphire Princess and unwind with the cool sea breeze in your hair.

Be kiasu and book early

You can embrace your inner Singaporean ‘kiasu’ and channel it boldly when it comes to securing shore excursions. Vacancies for these land tours are usually snapped up quickly and making a pre-reservation online will let you skip the queue at the concierge, and help you pack for your cruise better.

Quench that thirst

Princess Cruises’ all-inclusive beverages package will quench your thirst anytime and anywhere on board. So forget about lugging bottles of water around or paying extra for that glass of fresh juice you need on a warm day out on deck, or during the lively poolside parties.

Explore the world with the ship crew

Princess Cruises’ crew come from as many as 50 countries ranging from Peru, Luxembourg, to Trinidad and Tobago. Besides sharing the finer and much-appreciated tips about cruising (think: best times to get to the front of the buffet line), they are always happy to tell you about their home country too!

Snap up great bargains

The cruise ship is also a shopper’s haven, with the wide range of duty-free stores on board, as well as the daily special sales and pop-up stores offering luxury items at a steal.

With a little help from the ship’s daily newsletter, Princess Patter, you can easily stay updated on these sales the night before so you can plan your day ahead.

End the day with the perfect sunset

Finally, what better way to mark the end of your first day out at sea than with a full view of the sun sinking slowly beyond the horizon? Just head along at the appropriate time to the ship’s stern (the back of the ship) as it sails in towards the East!

(P.S. It’s also really simple to do this on a Princess Cruises ship. You can check the predicted timings for the day’s sunset in the copy of the Princess Patter, which tells you everything you need to know on board, delivered to your stateroom daily.)

Go far or go home

Since it’s your first time on board, forget about just getting your feet wet on a short two- or three- day trip. Take the plunge and book a longer voyage so that you can immerse yourself fully in the true wonders of a cruise holiday. And we mean hours and days of pampering and indulgence with five-star attentive service at the soothing on-deck retreat and spa.

Bon Voyage!