What every durian lover should be eating now

Image: 123rf.com 

Each durian cultivar has its own peak during a durian season. With the current season now in full swing before reaching its end in September, we ask durian vendors to recommend the top four to eat now.

A favourite among aficionados, this cultivar is currently at its peak in the season. A variety that is thick with very rich bright yellow flesh, it is sweet with bitter undertones. Zeslyn Lim, director of Durian Story, says this variety has a big harvest compared to other durians this season, guaranteeing a higher probability of better quality durians. “Prices have also remained the same as last year, at about $15 to $22 per kg,” she says. No inflation = another reason to get more?  

Melvin Chua, owner of Durian Garden says to go for those from Johor Bahru and Pahang. Johor Bahru’s close proximity means the durians that arrive in Singapore are fresher, while Pahang’s high grounds and mountainous plantations result in better growing conditions for the fruits.

Kho, owner of Botak Kho and owner Wong Yew Loong from 227 Katong Durians have also said the D101 and D13 varieties are good ones to go for now. Both varieties are known for being sweet and creamy. While these cultivars have started earlier in the season, they still remain popular choices thanks to the good harvest. The blessed combination of rain and the hot weather from May to August has allowed the trees to produce thick and flavourful durian fruits.  

The emergence of the Ang Hei (Red Prawn) usually signals the end of the durian season, says Melvin. While supplies for this cultivar are already coming in, it will peak in September. They may be the last cultivar to emerge, but they are worth the wait if you like them sweeter. Talk about leaving with a sweet aftertaste!