Delivery fee: $7 for orders under $75; free for orders over $75
Delivery schedule: Pick a slot from their website, delivers as quickly as 24 hours

Choose from nine different meal kits across different cuisines; each kit serves two. Its varied offerings, which change occasionally, include Flatbread Pizza with Caramelised Onion, Roasted Pumpkin and Rocket, and Vietnamese Shiitake Pho with Rice Noodles.

Dukkah Crusted Fish with Mango Salsa and Couscous, $22 (serves two) and Butter Chicken with Naan, Ladies’ Fingers, Cloved Basmati and Minty Yoghurt, $22 (serves two)

These came well-packaged – the chilled chicken and fish were vacuum-packed, fruits and veggies like mango, lime, coriander and lady’s finger came in zip-lock bags, while other ingredients like eggs were in plastic containers. The portions were generous, and would have easily fed three to four small eaters, even though it was meant for two. Recipes were printed on cards, with photos and step-by-step instructions. All the items were delivered in a black reuseable bag.

DUKKAH CRUSTED FISH To prep this dish, I boiled the cous cous, peeled and chopped the mango, then mixed it with the lime, onions and vinegar to assemble the mango salsa. Before pan-frying the fish, I dipped the fillets in an egg wash, coated it with flour followed by the Dukkah mix. The result: A savoury seafood dish with a slightly overpowering but, nevertheless, pleasing, spice flavour. The sweet mango contrasted well with the tangy vinegar and lime for a delicious salsa.

BUTTER CHICKEN This came with a generous portion of chicken breast, fresh naan, lady’s finger, basmati rice and a ready-made gravy and yoghurt. Preparation was quick and fuss-free: All I had to do was pan-fry the chicken, heat up the gravy before adding in the chicken, heat up the naan and stir-fry the lady’s finger separately. The gravy was tasty, but I would have preferred making it from scratch  using fresh ingredients. The lady’s finger was very tasty and addictive.

The recipes are easy to follow and quick to cook, taking less than 30 minutes. While there was an interesting choice of mains, the sides, like the mango salsa and lady’s finger, outshone the mains.

Delivery fee: $8 for orders under $60; free for orders over $60
Delivery schedule: Within two days upon confirmation of order

Choose from 12 recipes, nine of which are permanent offerings while the other three change from week to week. You can order sets for one or more persons. The Classic Box ($65) provides three main dishes and three sides – good for three meals for a couple, or one meal for a large family. Breakfast and snack boxes are also available – no cooking required here. Choice of dishes include Stir-fry Noodle and Pork in Plum Sauce, and Oat Crusted Fish with Peach Salsa and Potatoes.

Chicken Cordon Bleu, $9 (serves one) and Japanese Curry with Beef, $10 (serves two)

Packed into a cardboard box, the meats came chilled – chicken in a vacuum-sealed bag and beef in a sealed container. Fresh vegetables came in zip-lock bags and pantry items in brown paper bags. The portions were generous, and can easily satisfy two small eaters. Recipe cards were packed into a separate zip-lock bag. One of the ingredients was missing, but they had it sent over within half an hour after I called them.

CHICKEN CORDON BLEU I expected this to be tricky to prep, with the stuffing and rolling of chicken breast fillets, but it was surprisingly simple. I had a bit of trouble getting all the ingredients to fit inside the chicken rolls, but managed to hold it together with toothpicks. The entire process took 45 minutes, including baking time. I was thrilled with the result: The stuffing – cheddar, spring onions and jalapenos – offered a good balance of home-cooked goodness with a spicy kick. The vinaigrette salad was a nice complement to the dish.

JAPANESE CURRY The portion of potatoes, carrots, sliced beef and Japanese rice was hearty. To prepare the dish, I fried the Japanese curry paste with the fresh ingredients and boiled the Japanese rice. The curry was flavourful, with a thick texture, just like what you would expect from a restaurant. This was ready to be served within half an hour.

It provided more enjoyable meals. The dishes were flavoursome, hearty, and satisfied different palates. And single-serving portions are great for small families.

This article was originally published in Simply Her June 2015.