Times may have moved on from the days when a woman’s place was in the kitchen, but the kitchen is still the centre of many homes. And thanks to the celebrity chef cult, whipping up exquisite gastronomic experiences in the home is now more fashionable than ever.

Useful tips on what you need in a modern kitchen DECOR
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Let’s face it, nothing beats cooking, baking and hosting in the privacy of your own home. Whether you’re single, a busy working mum or a modern home maker, you need a kitchen that functions around your lifestyle. Not to mention taste and personality.

Here are my top tips and advice for transforming your kitchen into a wonderland of treasures and delights:

Singles tend to eat out for the social interaction. When it comes to cooking at home, it often involves hosting larger groups of friends where presentation plays an important part of your cooking repertoire.

Trendy gadgets like smoking guns are fun and interesting talking points. Baking is also apt since treats can be prepared ahead of time, leaving your hands free to mingle and socialise.

“When I was single, I’d cook for potluck dinners so large pots (for stewing) and bulk frying was common. I invested in a thermal pot so I could cook huge portions at a time, without using a lot of electricity.”

Many working mums in Singapore rely on domestic helpers, so kitchen tools should be efficient and fool-proof. Time saving kitchen appliances such as the Sousvide Supreme Demi, Cuisinart Hot & Cold Blender are a saving grace in this situation. For mums that get on without a helper, invest in a dishwasher. When you wake up to dishes that cleaned themselves, you’ll wonder how you lived without one!

When my husband and I set up our first home together, we invested in a deep fryer so we could have a tempura station when we hosted friends. We also frequently used the oven and microwave. Oven cooking allowed us to do household chores while the food cooked, and was less likely to smoke up the apartment.

Now that we have a child, and a domestic helper who cooks our daily meals for us, when we do cook we like to have fun and experiment in the kitchen. I prepared food more often in the past when I was introducing my infant to solid foods.

These days, my husband loves to experiment with gadgets and new cooking techniques. I’m just the taste tester. He’s made a sous vide Turducken and even deboned the poultry himself, followed by foie gras ice cream for dessert. You see, the modern kitchen has made room for the man of the house!

Content provided by Grace Tan, marketing manager of ToTT, a kitchenware store and official prize sponsor of iProperty.com Singapore’s People Choice Awards.