PHOTOGRAPH: Katarzyna Białasiewicz,

“My husband travelled a lot for work and I had quit my job to accompany him after we were married. Our daughter, after she was born, went along with us too, but I was tiring of it while he refused to stop. 

“In 2012, I discovered he was seeing another woman when we returned to Singapore for a while. What added to the pain was she was a close friend ­– her husband had found their text messages and forwarded them to me.

“I was heartbroken. I confronted my husband and he admitted they’d had an affair for about two years, on and off, messaging, Skyping and meeting up whenever we were in Singapore.  


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“He left my daughter and I the next day with no emotion, saying he loved his mistress more than me, and they moved in together. We got divorced and I only see him when he picks up our daughter. He is still with the other woman.

“I felt dirty, broken, resentful, lost weight and sought advice from anyone ­– friends, online forums, even taxi drivers! After two years of crying, I didn’t want to let him make me suffer anymore and started to live again. It’s okay to fall, but you must always get up and move on.”


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