“How naked do I get for a facial or massage?”
For facials, you only need to remove your top as most such treatments include a neck and shoulder massage. Towels or a strapless robe are provided to cover your chest. It’s about what the customer feels comfortable with, as a spa treatment should be a pampering session where you can fully relax, says Rachael Klyne, assistant PR manager of Spa Esprit Group. She adds: “For oil massages, remove all clothing and change into disposable underwear so your therapist can effectively work on your body.” Some oil-free treatments like Thai massage can be performed over clothing.

“How can I politely silence a talkative therapist?”
Rachael says it is completely acceptable to let your therapist know that you’d prefer not to converse during the treatment by politely saying: “I am so tired and have really been looking forward to unwinding with this treatment.” This should convey your desire for a quiet massage quite nicely. You can also inform the front desk that you would like a quiet session before the treatment and they will convey the message to the therapist.

“How can I request a particular beauty therapist without sounding demanding?”
According to Jane Chua, training manager of Aramsa, The Garden Spa, this is a common request. If the therapist is unavailable, another of similar experience will be suggested to the customer, but ultimately you should feel free to fix a treatment session with the therapist you feel most comfortable with, says a spokesperson from Strip. If the spa reception officer asks for your reasons, you can say that you are more comfortable with the therapist and would prefer to be treated by her, says Jane.


This article was originally published in Simply Her September 2014.