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“I go swimming. It quietens my mind.”
– Chenyze, consumer & lifestyle writer

“I step away from my desk for a minute or two to reorganise my thoughts. Or I watch a short funny Youtube video to destress.”
– Jo, contributing deputy editor

“When I get home, I rewatch movies that don’t make me think too hard. My go-tos are Avengers and Spirited Away.”
– Amanda, consumer & lifestyle writer


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“I reach for a nice snack, usually chocolates.”
– Ann, senior designer

“I go through everything I have to do categorically. And I tell myself that I’m only human to prevent my stress levels from skyrocketing.”
– Simone, beauty editor

“I plug in my earphones and listen to my favourite Mandopop songs. It helps to ‘reset’ my mind.”
– Kayce, features writer