Afternoon teas are great pick-me-ups. Even better, when they’re served in such stylish glassware.

Jenaer Glas tea set.jpg Jenaer Glas Hotn Cool Tea tumbler Jenaer Glas Chocolate Kakau

Jenaer Glas tea pot ($98), tea cup ($56), tea tumbler ($55) and Chocolate set ($48, available from mid-June)

Move beyond the realm of Desperate Housewives, and get in with discerning tea connoisseurs. If dainty chinaware isn’t well, your cup of tea, opt for this sleek Jenaer Glas tea set.

Glassware shows off floral concoctions and loose tea leaves really well. Plus, with its Bauhaus inspiration, this tea set shows it’s hip to be square: the pot’s geometric handle is a unique design feature.

It’s not just pure aesthetics at work here, this glassware is super functional too. Made of heat-resistant borosilicate glass, Jenaer Glas serveware keeps your tea warm while being more durable than your typical glass set. Opt for the Jenaer Glas tea tumbler to have your tea on-the-go.

Not one for tea? The German glass maker’s Chocolate set will serve up appealing cups of hot chocolate; perfect for staying in on cool rainy afternoons.

Yes, it’s still glassware, so it will break if you drop it, but Jenaer Glas products do leave less of a mess for you to clean up. Borosilicate glass is shatterproof; something that clumsy homeowners and families with kids will appreciate.

So, time for a tea break, anyone?

Jenaer Glas retails at the ZWIESEL 1872 boutique in Singapore. Address: 40 Club Street, (S) 069419, Tel: 6324 2931. Website: www.jenaer-glas.coto.