If you hate crowds, there’s no need to jostle with others at a sweaty nightspot whenever you’re in a need of a drink. Aubrey Sim (featured below), lead bartender of B28 at The Club Hotel in Singapore, tells Collette Miles the basics you need to set up your home mini bar.

Home mini bar B28 lead bartender Aubrey Sim Starting a home mini bar: Aubrey Sim
B28 lead bartender Aubrey Sim shares two easy recipes and the equipment you need to set up a mini home bar

Equipment you’ll need
– A Boston shaker set, which consists of a mixing glass and a metal shaker tin
– A Hawthorn strainer, which consists of a metal cap and spring that fit nicely over your shaker tin
– Measures, for ensuring that ingredients are mixed in the correct proportion
– A hand-held juicer for juicing fresh citrus fruits like lemons, limes and oranges

* All the equipment can be found at major departmental stores.

Six basic liquors you’ll need:
1. A London dry gin like the Tanqueray London Dry Gin.
2. A premium vodka like Ketel One, Belvedere, Grey Goose and Uluvka Vodka.
3. A classic white rum
4. An orange liqueur like Cointreau. It’s the most commonly used sweetener in cocktails.
5. Sweet vermouth like Carpano Antica Formula
6. An aperitif like Campari.

Two easy cocktails to try at home:

AmericanoHome mini bar americano

40ml sweet vermouth
40ml campari
soda water
slice of orange

1. Mix the sweet vermouth and campari.

2. Top up with soda water in a tall glass with ice.

3. Drop the orange slice into the drink and serve.

Tip: For additional flavour, add a dash of freshly squeezed grapefruit juice into the drink.

Home mini bar: caipirinhaCaipirinha

½ lime, with seeds removed
15ml caster sugar
60ml white rum

1. Slice the lime down its vein, remove the vein and make incisions along the edges.

2. Squeeze the juice into a glass, then add the sugar.

3. Add the white rum and ice. Stir well.

Tip: You can substitute white rum with an organic cachaça, a Brazilian fermented liquor made from sugar cane. Organic cachaças, like the Cachaça Gabriela, tend to have less of a smokey aftertaste compared to white rum. This helps makes the drink more palatable.