(Dec 22 – Jan 19)

This could be a year for change, especially if you’re looking to improve yourself, change your image or boost your wellbeing. Your calm and steady mind will bring you career success, more money and security. To be happy, stop over-analysing things and allow fun and laughter to be a bigger part of your life. Be sure to give back to balance the flow of abundance.  

Career This is a year for career change. There will be plenty of job opportunities, especially if you work in F&B or information technology. But beware that it’s not a good year to start business partnerships, Career success will reach its peak in September.
Family and Relationships It will be a peaceful year for those in a stable relationship; if you’re having issues, it will nonetheless be a less dramatic year. Home life will be peaceful too. You’ll have an active social life, with plenty happy moments, new people and gatherings. You could be involved in helping out at a special occasion for people in the family. 
Money Money will come in easily and sometimes, unexpectedly. This is also an exceptionally good year for mums who work from home. for those working from home mums. Should you decide to start working from home this year, be sure to invest in good technology and software system. 
Lucky colours: Green and purple


(Jan 20 – Feb 18)

You’re facing a tiring year – you’ll need to manage your time well. Take charge of your emotional wellbeing by staying optimistic and being gentler and more patient throughout this year. For time to time, you’ll feel tremendous pressure from people around you, but stay focused on your goals. Be decisive or you’ll lose out.  

Career You can be domineering this year and it could get you into trouble at work, although postive changes are in store – it’s a good year for career advancement and clients and bosses will support you. Try to work better with your colleagues and be less forceful in your communication.  
Family and Relationships Be more committed to your loved ones. The solar eclipse on the March 9 and September 1 could shake up your love life or marriage. Putting your personal interests at the forefront can cause relationship strain. 
Money Manage your finances carefully this year – you may have to work harder and live on a smaller budget. Manage your investments well. On a brighter note, money can come from an unexpected source.
Lucky colours: Blue, gold and black


(Feb 19 – March 20)

It’s an active year for you – living more simply can help you find me-time and maintain inner peace. Pay more attention to you wellbeing and avoid unnecessary stress. As you are more sensitive this year, light meditation and yoga can help to balance your Yin and Yang.

Career Growth is indicated in your career or business – have clarity and the right perspective are important. Your creativity get a boost but don’t let your wild imaginings misguide you. Expect sudden changes from August although the last part of the year puts in you in a positive place that could flow into the next year.  
Family and Relationships Give more attention to family life this year. Take short trip with your spouse to bring new energy to your marriage. If you’re planning to have kids, this could be the year for it.  
Money This can be erratic. Review your budgets early to create a buffer so you’re not taken by surprise in low months. Avoid large and impulsive buys all through the year. On the bright side, these fluctuations can also mean an unexpected increase in income and profits.
Lucky colours: Yellow, blue and green


(March 21 – April 19)
Reaching your goals will be easier in 2016 but you mustn’t let your impulsive nature get the best of you. There may be emotional upheaval – keep believing in yourself and move forward steadily. Keep a balanced lifestyle, have adequate rest and eat healthily.

Career Believe in yourself and your decisions. There will be times where you need to be more introspective to get a clearer picture of your priorities. Aim to form relationships with business partners who are interested in long-term association. Partnerships and joint ventures will be more favourable in the second half of the year. 
Family and Relationships Personal relationships can become stressful if you insist on having things your way. This is a year to build strong bonds with those you love. At home, elderly parents, especially the mother, may have health concerns.
Money Finances will be stable for most of the year – it’s a safe year to slurge on that special holiday. Use the year to build stronger friendships with people are great money managers – to help you create a bigger reserve for your future needs. There are opportunities for joint ventures and new business in the third quarter of the year.
Lucky colours: Red and beige


(April 20 – May 20)
This is a year to look at your personal goals, as well as making changes to your lifestyle. If you are an introvert, you will benefit from becoming more outgoing – socialising and networking are important this year. You may be drawn to arty, creative types. Health wise, your energy levels will be higher that usual. 

Career If you have a passion or hobby, look at developing it into a business. If you’re in a job you love, knowt that you’re in a position to achieve many of the goals you’ve set for yourself. If recognition is what you are seeking, be patient and persevere.  
Family and Relationships Relationships can be challenging from time to time this year – be more flexible, gentle and forgiving. On the bright side, children bring you more joy and will play a big part in your family life this year. You may need to take special care of a loved one’s health.
Money Your money luck is looking optimistic – you’re likely to get a raise, make better profits and have a windfall this year, or even make money in property. But control your spending and avoid impulsive financial commitments
Lucky colours: Orange and white


(May 21 – June 20)
This is the year to review your objectives and set new goals and targets – seek advice from close friends and family to do this well. Pay attention to you wellbeing this year. To improve your energy level, develop better eating habits and exercise more often.

Career Career energy is upbeat and you are likely to be very busy. You are very good at your job but can sometimes be too serious. At work, be less critical to prevent conflicts with colleagues. Changes are indicated in your career path while those contented with where they are must be open to new developments.
Family and Relationships You may be emotionally distant this year and this can put a strain on your relationships. Don’t sweat the small stuff. Keep a healthy social life and have some short getaways to give your loved ones space, and so you can stay emotionally balanced. 
Money This is not the best year for your finances so map out a more realistic budget through this year to cope with the erratic changes. September will be a good month for making money – make the most of it. Impulsive purchases, getting loans and relying on credit are very bad ideas this year. 
Lucky colours: White, green and yellow


(June 21 – July 23)
Your worldview and lifestyle will go through changes this year; you could also be drawn to natural or organic foods and detoxing – the secret is to do everything in small, sure steps. Your creative energy will be strong this year. It is also a great year to travel, you may be drawn towards romantic destinations, especially those near to the sea. 

Career It’s wise to take a few step back and be less impulsive as you could be trying to achieve too much. With projects, be open to having a larger team working on them. This year also favours freelancers, so it’s a good time if you’re thinking of working from home or setting up a home business.   
Family and Relationships You are usually a reserved person but this is a year where relationships can intensify, making your marriage more exciting than ever. Home life will be eventful. Children can also play a bit part in your life.
Money Along with the optimistic financial gains, larger expenses are also indicated, possibly to do with renovations and home improvement. 
Lucky colours: Indigo and black


(July 24 – Aug 22)
You are likely to have a harmonious and easy-going year. Besides working hard, you’ll also love what you do and have fun in the process. There will be moments of conflict, especially around the solar eclipse in March and lunar eclipse in September – stay true to who you are and you will come out a winner. Health is looking positive but those with pre-existing illnesses will need to continue to take good care of themselves.

Career Your career will go through a few bumpy moments but the end results will be positive. If you are looking for move up in your job, you will need to focus and persevere. You may have to deal with people issues in the workplace.  
Family and Relationships Your social life is active while life home is calm and peaceful, although moving house and changes in your environment are indicated. You may also be called upon to be part of community activities – this should keep you busy for most part of the year. Renovations and repairs are also indicated – get this done in the first or third quarter of the year.
Money Jupiter, the planet of money, continues to bring you optimism and prosperity. Good money opportunities are during the March eclipse. There may be unexpected income from various sources.
Lucky colours: Gold, lilac and black


(Aug 23 – Sept 22)
You are likely to experience a year that’s full of potential that will carry through to the next few years. The first two months will be good for pursuing educational projects, new plans and information gathering. Certain events will upset you throughout the year, just don’t let it become a long-drawn saga. This is a good and supportive year that will see you reap rewards. 

Career This is the time to consolidate your professional standing. If you are active and participate in networking events and overseas conferences, you will establish new connections in your work. Mid-year is a more conducive time to start new ventures or to switch jobs.
Family and Relationships You will need to be more open with you spouse or partner, especially in areas that are impeding your relationship. To improve the relationship with your spouse or family members, understand their needs and heed their opinions. If your thoughts and ideas are conveyed in the right spirit to your loved ones, there will be positive changes in your relationship. Be aware that children may be more difficult to handle this year.
Money You will have a stable financial year, with a steady inflow of finances. It will be helpful to settle all your debts; avoid shopping sprees. Make your money decisions in a calm environment and don’t be pushed into unnecessary financial commitments.  
Lucky colours:  Earth tones and blue


(Sept 23 – Oct 22)
This is a unique and optimistic year where you can revamp any aspect of your life. Travel and entertainment are indicated. There will be a lot going on, so you need to think about which of these goals are achievable. With some diligence and positive intentions, the year will be a successful one.

Career This will be a productive year in business and career, with many good opportunities. While there will be challenges at work, they are not likely to threaten you. Mentally, you will be fast and active and glow with positivity, drawing people to you. 
Family and Relationships A year of mixed emotions, this year will see you get the support you need although your responsibilities will also be heavier. A move is possible; go ahead with it if you feel a strong desire to do so. If you are not moving, this could mean that someone else in the family is moving out. Children will be restless and need more activities to calm them down.
Money A positive year for your finances, you are likely to reap more profits or see a higher income. If you are a business owner who is looking to expand, this is a good year to plan for it. Pay off your debts and set aside more money for savings and other expenses. While money is positive this year, it is not a year for lavish spending.
Lucky colours: Black and red


(Oct 23 – Nov 21)

In the first few months of the year, your energy may be a little confusing. Sort through what you wish to achieve, both professionally and in your personal life; it may help to look at events and learn from them. From mid-year, you will feel more confident and be able to push forward with plans that have been put on hold for a while.

Career During the first three months of the year, you may encounter issues in your professional life, most of which will be issues from the past. This is a good time to rethink your career path – use the positive energy surrounding you to help you achieve your goals. 
Family and Relationships Home life will be good in the first half of the year. Socially, it will be quiet until late April, so use this time to take care of personal matters or home repairs. From September, your life will take an upswing and people can suddenly be more demanding. You will feel more emotionally sensitive and seek the attention of your spouse and loved ones.
Money Your finances will fluctuate from the middle of the year. If you have any investments, you might want to cash out before August. Your income should be stable but those with a business may need to upgrade their equipment and websites. For online business owner, this can be a profitable year. Be careful not to let your monetary desires supersede who you are as you may feel vulnerable during certain periods. 
Lucky colours: Green, red and violet


(Nov 22 – Dec 21)

Life will be fast moving for most saggitarians, but things will move even faster from April. Make a firm decision to live life at a slower pace so you can enjoy what life has to offer. In different areas of your life, your relationships with others may require scrutiny and you may have to make some necessary but difficult decisions. Take good care of yourself, especially between February and September.

Career Look at ways to improve work systems and ways to finish pending projects early; for some, it can mean modifying their existing business in order to advance. At work, the cooperation of colleagues is very important; be sure to have more understanding and patience when dealing with new people.
Family and Relationships Your relationship energy with the family and marriage is strong but so is your career. You will have to try extra hard to achieve a balance between work and family. For more emotional stability, major changes to the home are not advisable in the first half of the year. Children will be more independent this year, so it would help to not micro manage them unnecessarily.
Money Financially, this looks like a pretty good year. Make full use of your managerial skill as it can make you money. If you are in sales or running business, be careful that clients don’t take you for granted. An important highlight for business and money decisions is indicated  between July and October. Freelancers may have to go beyond their comfort zone to get more business.
Lucky colours: Orange, black and violet


This article was originally published in Simply Her January 2016.