Watching these cake videos could stop stress and insomnia [nid: 231429]

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Maybe it’s the sight of the pillowy sponge. Perhaps it’s the delicate way the icing is piped. It could be the repetition of the machinery. Whatever it is, we are just as baffled as you are likely to be over why these cake making videos - see below - have seen almost 700,000 hits on Youtube and have become quite a phenomenom.

Unusually, the footage has not become a phenomenon due to it being about, erm, cakes. Rather, it’s getting so much airplay because the images are so dull that viewing it’s helping people around the world fall asleep.

Yes, online tedium and using the internet as a way to relax and unwind is the latest technological trend (which is ironic considering that the world wide web is generally blamed for our mega-paced, don’t-stop world, and the reason we can’t switch off). Now it’s being praised for it’s ability to bore us senseless, which in turn lowers our heart rate, soothes anxiety and puts us in that lovely, dreamy state of relaxation.

If you don’t believe us, watch and try to stay awake.



It’s not just your average Victoria Sponge that’s garnering popularity. British musician, Max Ritcher, collaborated with a neuroscientist to record a digital album called Sleep which comes with the full intention of sending you into a slumber. While most musicians want you to hear their work, Ritcher’s eight-hour classical piece features peacful piano and strings, and he created it dubbing it “a personal lullaby for a frenetic world. A manifesto for a slower pace of existance.” Have a listen here. Maybe do so while laying down incase you fall into the land of nod instantly.


Lastly, uploaded videos appear to be increasingly ‘meh’ these days meaning that they’re the ideal source for meditation inspiration. For example, The Gunhilde Maersk – 4K Time Lapse by Toby Smith is a seven-minute wonder of a shipping container at sea travelling from Vietnam to China. NOTHING. HAPPENS. Makers of the video, The Drum, have called it: “Boring is the new meditation”.



Zzzzzzzz.....we think they may be onto something.