5 easy ways to lose weight after pregnancy

Find out how to burn extra calories without having to leave your baby's side.

5 easy things you can do with Baby to lose your pregnancy weight



1. Breastfeed

We all know the health benefits of breastfeeding for your precious bub (builds stronger immunity, more nutritious for baby, great for bonding and so on). It’s great for Mummy too, as it reduces your risk of breast cancer and helps your womb shrink more quickly after birth.

But our all-time favourite benefit has to be its super weight-shedding effect! Producing breast milk burns up calories effortlessly and helps you fit into your jeans faster than simply running on the treadmill. We’ve seen new mums look so svelte, we refused to believe that they didn’t go on a strict diet… until we found out that they’re exclusively breastfeeding.       


2. Do exercise along with housework

The dirty clothes need to be picked up and the kitchen cleaned, anyway. Incorporate lunges and squats into your boring chores. Pick up one item at a time instead of grabbing a pile, so that you need to do several squats. There, your set of 10 squats, done. While wiping the cupboards after cooking, clean from left to right 10 times even if one swipe is enough, and you can look forward to toned arms.


3. Run after your kids

For second- or multiple-time mums, this is automatically built into your Mummy job the day you decided to have extra buns in the oven. When you have to look after your baby while chasing after a tot, that will surely help the weight melt away.


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Pick your bonding activities carefully. A vigorous session running with your kids at the playground (not sitting at the side and twiddling with your phone) will burn more calories than simply watching TV together. Make your mother-and-child bonding time count on the weighing scales.


4. Incorporate Baby into your exercise routine

Doing simple exercises like stretching, yoga or brisk walking with your baby means you can still look after him or her, yet maintain your exercise routine. In fact, your baby will love the gentle motions as it rocks him or her gently to sleep. Of course, we don’t recommend that you attend a zumba class while wearing Baby!


5. Dance for Baby!

He or she may be too young for you to shake and rock about (plus, it’s dangerous!) but you can dance up a storm. It’s great entertainment for him and you’re getting your cardio exercise done in a fun manner that will put a smile on your faces.