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If you’re finding it hard to lose the excess weight despite working out, you might want to reconsider the time at which you’re exercising.

From a physical perspective, due to the natural rhythms of our body, the best times to train are 3 hours and 11 hours after we wake up.

Mornings are better than late in the day because the people who train in the morning skip fewer workouts and tend to have less difficulty making healthy food choices during the course of the day.


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There may be a psychological reason behind this because deciding to train in the morning means that you make the choice to sleep early, wake up on time and eat a decent breakfast.

This builds good habits, which lead to long-term success. Also, work and other commitments are less likely to make you skip a 7am training session rather than one at 7pm. 

The only thing to take note of is that lifting heavy weights soon (about an hour) after waking up is not recommended because the spine is not in its most stable state.

But hey, most of us aren’t competitive lifters. So just wake up, do your warm-up and get going.


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