9 easy, last minute Halloween costumes

Can't think of anything new and inspiring to wear for that last-minute Halloween party? We've got you covered.

1) Twister

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You need: A white dress, circles of coloured construction paper. 
Directions: Stick them on and you're done!

2) #SGHaze

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You need: Pictures of air purifiers, PM2.5 particles, N95 masks and grey tulle/gauze
Directions: Drap grey fabric all over yourself, tulle would look more... realistic, and stick the printed pictures all over yourself. Spray paint your hair grey for effect, and cough a ton.

3) Red Riding Hood 

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You need: A red cape, just get fabric from Spotlight, $10 for 1m! A black and white costume, a basket.
Directions: Make a cape, put on your dress and fill your basket with sweets! 

4) Instant noodles

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You need: A white tube top dress, a picture of your favourite instant noodles, fabric paints.
Directions: Paint on the logo of your favourite noodles onto the white tube top dress and you're done!

5) Leela from Futurama

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You need: A white tank top, black boots, black skinny jeans, a Nerf gun, purple hair chalk/spray/wig and a giant eye mask made of construction paper.
Direction: If you can't put this on... I worry.

6) 50 Shades of Grey

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You need: A grey outfit, dress, shirt and shorts combo, anything is fine really. Head over to the DIY paint store to pick up some paint strips with the squares of paint, or print out 50 shades of grey on your computer. 
Directions, stick all the shades of grey on your costume.

7) Un-un-un-unbelievable Guy

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You need: Flowers, a big brroccoli tree, 80s style clothes.
Directions: Just think Chen Tianwei, swivel your hips 80s KTV style and walk around with your stunned vegetable.

8) Jedi Knight with DIY lightsabers

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You need: Lots and lots of brown cloth, pool noodles, duct tape and a black marker.
Directions: Put on your beige skinny jeans and beige top, drape yourself with brown cloth and you look the part! Now cut your pool noodle to the right lightsaber length and duct tape the end to look like a handle. Use your black marker to draw on the handle controls.

9) Dora The Explorer

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You need: A black, short bob wig, a purple bag, a pink top, orange shorts, white shoes and yellow long socks.
Directions: Put it on and you're done!