It’s design week! Which means there are a ton of exciting things to fill your weekend with. Our first stop was Singaplural - a plethora of mind boggling exhibitions and hands-on installations.

1. Enjoy the soothing soundscape of the ocean

Exhibition: Engulf
By: XTRA in collaboration with Celine Ng

Made from flooring material and translucent beach balls that defuse light, the exhibition, found in a small room, mimics the sounds and lights of a storm underwater. Strangely hypnotic and oh-so-interesting.

2. Check out laminate from the future

This panel is made from different flowers pressed together. 

Exhibition: Breathe Respite
By:Panelogue in collaboration with POISES architects
Panelogue plans to bring in Organoid, a new panel surfacing made from rose petals, lavender, hay and raw materials that have scent. Think of it as potpourri for your walls. Easy to maintain, beautiful to look at and with a lovely scent to boot, this is how technology has brought nature into our urban landscapes. Pop by to smell the panels before they enter your homes!

3. Play with clouds

Exhibition: I Feel The Clouds Singing
By: Studio Asobi

Ceramic artists Huiwen and Kenneth created little ceramic discs in the shape of clouds and created a field of them on rattan sticks. Walk through the exhibition, run your hands through the field of clouds and you’ll hear the tinkling of wind chimes. 

4. Take some fabulous photos

Exhibition: SCOPE
By: EDL in collaboration with Lekker Architects
Hidden in a dark corner of the building, you’ll find a larger-than-life kaleidoscope. Made from EDL laminates, the designers invite you to step into the mirrored interiors for a stunning silhouette photo. 

5. Experience the great outdoors IN doors

Exhibition: Doors
By:A collaboration between Mediacorp, Interior Design Confederation Singapore, Singapore Institute of Landscape Architects and Singapore Furniture Industries Council

The maze of doors leads to a garden filled with plants you can touch, smell and taste. I love how they placed furniture items amongst the foliage. Give your kids a unclose look at plants such as dragon’s tongue and other exciting ones.