At the SimplyHer Chatroom, four Singapore women shared time management tips on achieving a healthy work-life balance.

When you only have 24 hours in a day, it’s hard to juggle your career, kids and try to find some “me” time. Yet these accomplished women — Angeline Tan, Gladys Wong, Alicia Yi and Nina Yang — manage to do it.

SimplyHer Chatroom September 24, 2011

At the SimplyHer Chatroom event on September 24, 2011, four Singapore women shared inspirational stories about how they had each successfully achieved a healthy work-life balance.

Held at Hotel Re!, the SimplyHer Chatroom was hosted by radio deejay and entrepreneur Vernetta Lopez. The four women shared engaging personal stories: One woman shared how managing a household of 13 was like while another told an account of her heartbreaking divorce and how she had survived it. The speakers also shared tips on time management with the Chatroom participants.

A lovely lunch followed and each participant went home with a L’Oreal Paris goodie bag.