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REVIEW: Should you buy the Cafflano Klassic – an all-in-one tumbler that lets you grind and brew your coffee?

Coffee lovers, this portable tumbler comes with a ceramic grinder, a stainless steel filter basket and even a "drip kettle" so you can freshly grind and brew coffee anytime, anywhere.

cafflano klassic review - portable coffee grinder and dripper

Photography Frenchescar Lim Art Direction & Styling Diane Ng


The Cafflano is an all-in-one coffee brewing tumbler that lets you grind coffee beans to your preferred coarseness, then brew them directly – it stows away a ceramic grinder and a stainless steel filter basket. To pour hot water over the coffee grounds, use the tumbler cap, which Cafflano calls a drip kettle, that holds just enough water to make 250ml of black coffee in the cup.


  • It was lightweight and all components fit right into the tumbler, which made it so convenient to take to work and back home. Or anywhere, really.
  • There’s a diamond-shaped hole at the top of the drip kettle, which created a spout-like effect for me to do a controlled, gradual pour over the coffee grounds.  
  • My coffee was never over-steeped, as the filter basket was never in contact with the dripped coffee in the cup.
  • The grinder has four notches to indicate the amount of beans – 10g, 15g, 20g and 25g – for lighter or stronger brews.


  • There was no way to choose the grind size. I had to squint at the gap at the bottom of the conical burr, and eyeball the granularity of the coffee grounds when adjusting the grinder.. It took a lot of trial and error – every time I switched beans, I would have to start all over again.  
  • I could not close the tumbler without first putting in the grinder and filter basket. If I packed it when there's still coffee remaining in the tumbler, the grinder could get wet. And it would take at least a couple of hours for it to dry before I could use it again.
  • More comprehensive instructions please. I struggled to hold down the tumbler while grinding the beans, until I found a video on the Cafflano website that recommended grinding into the cap instead of directly into the cup, which solved my problem.


In spite of some inconveniences, the Cafflano is still a worthy buy for anyone who enjoys drip coffee, and for the geeky fun of experimenting with different beans and grinds. 

Cafflano Klassic, $149, from Zeppelin & Co, #02-78 Sim Lim Square, tel: 9271-7927.