Road Test

REVIEW: Is the Osim uLove massage chair worth paying for?

This luxe massage chair promises a more indulgent and relaxing massage experience. The Simply Her team took it for a thorough test drive.


The Osim uLove has eight full-body massage programs – with names such as Shoulder Caress, Lumbar Pamper and Butt Cuddle – each lasting 15min. Don’t let the names confuse you as they simply indicate the program’s specific focus while still giving you a head-to-toe rubdown. There’s also an express full-body Signature massage that takes only seven minutes.

Additional massage programs can be downloaded through the uLove smartphone app (available on App Store and Google Play), and synced from your phone to the massage chair via Bluetooth.


  • The plush design With its cushiony headrest and handsome leatherette upholstery, it looks like a luxe business class seat. When the foot massage unit is flipped over and hidden, the uLove even becomes a statement armchair in the living room.
  • The Butt Cuddle program The most popular program among testers. The firm massage for our aching hip and butt muscles – not usually found in other massage chairs – gave the Osim uLove an edge.
  • The foot massage Not only was the foot massage unit extendable to suit users of various heights, it also provided a comprehensive massage for the calves and feet.
  • The shoulder and neck massage Firm and thorough, it targeted not just the shoulders and nape, but the shoulder blades too.
  • The express Signature massage The seven-minute session was perfect for when we could not spare the full 15min. Short as it was, it was nevertheless effective enough to leave us feeling invigorated.
  • The surround audio system The immersive audio system, with two speakers near my ears, did indeed create a relaxing, cocoon-like sanctuary. While the music player provided was rudimentary with just two created-for-Osim tracks, I could plug my smartphone into the chair to stream my own music through the system.
  • No awkward positions Unlike numerous massage chairs that sometimes pushed up the hips or chest awkwardly, there were no such problem with the uLove.


  • The foot massage unit There could have been better padding for the calves. At times, the hard back of the unit dug into my legs during the massage – while not a deal breaker, it was annoying.
  • The Tender Stretch program This was the only unsatisfactory program. We felt like it neither massaged nor stretched, and failed to provide any relief.


While the price is a little steep, the Osim uLove provides such a pampering experience with its luxe design and effective massage programs that you’d willingly shell out for it.


Osim uLove, $5,999, is available in five colours, from all Osim shops.