Bosch Maxximum Sensor Control Kitchen Machine MUMXX40GGB

The Bosch Maxximum Sensor Control Kitchen Machine is a stand mixer with attachments to turn it into a blender and a food processor – a machine to do ever ything, from mixing cake batter to chopping onions.

Easy to add ingredients 
A roomy spout on the mixing bowl made it easy to pour in ingredients like milk and chocolate chips.

No scraping down needed 
Cake batter and pizza dough were both evenly mixed. I didn’t even have to scrape down the sides of the bowl, as with other cake mixers.

It’s splatter-proof 
An effective splash-guard prevented ingredients from “jumping out” during the mixing process.

A handy auto-whip function 
The Sensor Control function detects when cream or egg whites have been whipped into stiff peaks and automatically stops the machine. But it didn’t do well with just a small batch of egg whites (I used just two) , stopping prematurely. I continued beating the eggs using the manual function.

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Great for smoothies 

It effortlessly blended ice, bananas, strawberries and milk into thick slushies.

Hard to assemble 

It was hard putting the attachments together. Not all the par ts of the machine were labelled in the instruction manual. The diagrams were tiny, and instructions were vague.

A narrow chute 
I had to cut large potatoes and carrots lengthwise to fit the elliptical shape of the chute – this ruled out the round slices I prefer. I had to push hard to get the ingredients down too.

Good shredding options 
I liked that there are both coarse and fine options. But the last bits – about 3cm – of lanky veggies like carrots fell atop the blade and were not shredded.

Great slicer and grater 
I sliced cucumbers and potatoes, and grated hard cheese, and all were evenly cut and grated.

Lacks a mincing disc 
There is no dedicated disc for chopping garlic and onions finely. The grater disc mutilated my onions – they emerged wet, flat and coarse.

Easy to clean 
There are no hard-to-get-into crevices, so cleaning up was a breeze.

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A great cake mixer and blender, although the food processor had some misses – might be worth the investment if you lack the space for three separate appliances.

Bosch Maxximum Sensor Control Kitchen Machine MUMXX40GGB, $1,699, available at major department and electrical stores.