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The best escape room adventure games in Singapore

Wits, cooperation and luck are what you need to win an escape room game, where your team needs to solve a series of puzzles. Smita Wee leads her group on six adventures.

42 Kandahar Street, 
tel: 6292-2177,
From $22/pax.

ROOM WE TRIED: Hunger Games: The Escape

TIME LIMIT: 60 minutes

THE SCENE: Wallpapered walls and dimly lit hallways reminded me of Katniss’ (the protagonist in The Hunger Games series, which this game is modelled after) house. Most of the props were well-made and looked believably aged.

FUN FACTOR: We went into a frenzy in each room, frantically opening drawers and flipping over everything, searching for clues and discussing possibilities. It was stimulating and we had to brainstorm quite a bit to crack the quizzes – very enjoyable. 

DID WE SUCCEED? No. We lacked the crucial clue that would have let us into the final room – it was too well-hidden. Some movie knowledge would have increased our chances
of escaping.

VERDICT: 8/10. Good for a fun, light-hearted team-bonding session.

Lost SG
#03-01-03 Peace Centre, 1 Sophia Road,
tel: 6717-1688,

From $20.90/pax.


TIME LIMIT: 60 minutes

THE SCENE: The artefacts fitted the ancient Egyptian theme well, although the automated doors and LED torches gave the scene a modern edge. 

FUN FACTOR: So much teamwork was required that it made the game exceptionally fun – everyone was involved all the time. It deserves special mention for its high-tech features like a laser-wired harp, a statue and door that moved when we solved the puzzles, and a sound-sensitive door that opened when we shouted loud enough – we didn’t have anything like these in the other games. 

DID WE SUCCEED? Yes. There were three stages to get through and the second stage was slightly more difficult than the other two. We called for help only once to get started and managed to handle the rest on our own. There were minimal hiccups and we progressed smoothly – the puzzles were doable but not too easy. 

VERDICT: 9.5/10. Highly recommended for a balanced dose of fun and brainwork. 

Level 3 Bugis Village, 158B Rochor Road,
From $22/pax.

ROOM WE TRIED: Chamber of Secrets (Season 1+) 

TIME LIMIT: 60 minutes

THE SCENE: The setting was realistic, with the use of appropriate props. It was truly a chamber of secrets as we couldn’t decipher the codes. 

FUN FACTOR: It was a fight against time as we were engrossed in solving the puzzles. It was also different from the other escape rooms as we had to climb, crawl and slide. 

DID WE SUCCEED? No. Although there were only two stages, we struggled from the beginning. Despite being told where to start, we couldn’t find our first clue until we called for help. After unlocking the first stage, we were completely dumbfounded by all the clues in the second stage – we did not know where to begin or how to connect the clues on the walls, tables and shelves. It was too hard but extremely fun. 

VERDICT: 9/10. Highly challenging, with a physical workout thrown in.

The Escape Artist
#01-01, 52A Prinsep Street,
tel: 6883-1540,
From $20.90/pax.

ROOM WE TRIED: The Forsaken Vault

TIME LIMIT: 50 minutes

THE SCENE: We depended on kerosene lamps to light the way and search for clues, which made me feel like I was sneaking into a vault (although the setting could have been more realistic), hunting for treasure. 

FUN FACTOR: We began by splitting into two groups, entering two separate rooms. Each room had a different set of clues that would help the other group open its doors. We ended up shouting across to each other, discussing the possible answers, which really made it more fun. 

DID WE SUCCEED? No, although we were very close. We made it through the first stage, but the second stage proved too difficult for us, even with the unlimited helplines. 

VERDICT: 8.5/10. Interactive, exciting and thrilling.

Freeing SG
#03-04/05 The Cathay, 
tel: 6737-7888,
From $20/pax.

ROOM WE TRIED: Ninja: The Secret Disciplines of The Shinobi

TIME LIMIT: 45 minutes

THE SCENE: I almost felt like a ninja-in-training, with the Japanese scrolls, kabuki masks, a dog-eared manual with yellowed pages and even a human-sized Japanese swordsman in the rooms. 

FUN FACTOR: It was very engaging. We had to support each other (almost literally) in order to move on to the next stage. The most exciting part was travelling between the two stages: We boarded a cart and were pushed through a pitch-dark tunnel to the next room. Talk about exciting!

DID WE SUCCEED? Yes, and with 8 minutes 15 seconds to spare. There were just two stages: We easily cleared the first stage where there was only one puzzle to solve. The second stage, however, was more difficult. There were four puzzles to solve before we could escape. Luckily, the clues were reasonably hidden. Be warned, though, that you have to be very observant as the clues are easily overlooked.

VERDICT: 8.5/10. If you’re up for intellectual challenges, you’ll appreciate this.

#05-45 Orchard Central, 
tel: 6636-8470,
From $22/pax.

ROOM WE TRIED: Where’s Cuddles?

TIME LIMIT: 45 minutes

THE SCENE: I had imagined a teddy bear factory to be filled with machines, pendant lights and display cabinets, but there were none of these. It was a bright room with colourful walls and racks of teddy bears. 

FUN FACTOR: I liked the idea of a room filled with stuffed bears to help us make it to the next stages but it was nothing too thrilling, even though the difficulty level was reasonable. There was a fair amount of thinking and trying to figure our way through the stages. It was relaxing and enjoyable, despite the race against time. 

DID WE SUCCEED? Unexpectedly, no, even though the light-hearted feel of the room made it stress-free.

VERDICT: 7.5/10. A family-friendly theme that parents and young children can enjoy.


This article was originally published in Simply Her October 2015.