When it’s raining and you wish you had a tumble dryer, a portable garment dryer is a great option that won’t jack up your power bill. We check three out here.

A garment dryer is a portable dryer that generates warm air of up to 60 deg C inside a balloon-like cover to dry your clothes. The three we tested took in up to 18 hangers each, but not big items like bath towels and bedsheets. Hang your wet but not dripping garments inside and turn the timer knob to start. Easy to assemble, they were also quiet and cool to the touch.

All three took about 90 minutes to dry a half-load of clothes, and about 2.5 hours for a full load. I also tried hanging just one pair of jeans in each – all dried in about 90 minutes.


Review: Portable clothes dryers Review: Portable clothes dryers
(L-R): Dryin clothes dryer ($159) and Taiyohoshi laundry dryer ($207).


1. DRYIN CLOTHES DRYER (Editor’s Rave)
$159, from www.dryin.com.sg

$207, from Home-Fix, in Singapore

These two are identical, except for their cover colours and the spokes that make up the mid-tier rack.

THE DESIGN The hanging racks have three bars; each with five rings to hold five hangers and keep the clothes apart. The bars swivel, so hanging my laundry is easy. They were about 1.5m tall, so even my seven-year-old could hang up her T-shirts effortlessly. Each dryer also has a 1.45m electrical cord.

FEATURES Both have sticks I can attach to the middle of the frame to hang lingerie, socks or shorts. The Dryin comes with six short sticks while the Taiyohoshi has 25 slightly longer ones (useful for shoes or soft toys). However, if you’re drying a regular load, there’s no space for anything on the mid-tier rack.

VERDICT Easy-to-use hanging racks give these two an edge over the Dri Buddi. And the Dryin dryer gets my vote for being the most affordable, with no compromise in performance or features.


Review: Portable clothes dryers3. JML DRI BUDDI INDOOR CLOTHES DRYER
$199.90, from www.honeybay.com and www.jmldirect.com.sg

THE DESIGN It comes with six non-swivelling bars – all with indents so that you can rest three hangers each, but I found that my broader hangers tended to clash with one another. A supporting wire under each bar also obstructs the hangers slightly. And, at 1.6m tall and 0.65m across when in use, it is slightly taller and bigger than the other two, and comes with a shorter 1.2m cord. 

FEATURES I could set an unlimited time with this dryer, but not with the other two. There is no mid-tier rack – although it’s not something I’d miss.

VERDICT As efficient as the other two dryers, but lost out to their better- designed hanging racks.


Load clothes of similar thickness together so they dry at about the same time. Or hang thicker garments nearer the centre – where it is hotter. Turn out the pockets of pants and jeans so they dry more easily.


All shops are in Singapore. This article was originally published in Simply Her March 2013.

All product and pricing information was correct at the time of the magazine’s publication. We advise readers to check with the store for the latest availability and pricing information.