$385 (special edition in green or orange), $355 (black) from Betel Box and Life Cycle
THE RIDE In terms of performance, the Xootr shone. It was one of the smoothest over flat surfaces – I travelled on it comfortably for 15 minutes. It went the farthest in a single kick, and smoothly manoeuvred through turns.  It helped that the floorboard was low, and was the largest of the lot, which made riding comfortable as both my feet fitted easily onto it. I liked that other than rear brakes, which the other scooters had, it also sported handlebar ones for easier braking.
THE SCOOTER At 4.5kg, it wasn’t light, but I could carry it over my shoulder with an optional strap ($15). It was the only scooter with such an accessory. Folding it was easy, although it used a somewhat old-fashioned, removable metal pin to keep it folded. I only wished that it could stand upright without support.
VERDICT It struck an excellent balance between weight and steadiness that made it stand out from the rest of the pack.
RATING: 8.5/10

$289, from www.decathlon.sg
THE RIDE Performance was generally good – it only lost out to the Xootr in terms of distance covered from a single kick. At 5.1kg, it was the heaviest in the line-up, and travelling on it felt reassuringly stable. Moreover, its big floorboard provided comfortable standing space. It negotiated sharp turns smoothly.
THE SCOOTER I liked how easy it was to make it stand upright or fold up automatically – I only had to step on a button on the scooter. However, it was the bulkiest when folded up, and even though I could pull it along behind me like a trolley suitcase, the weight got to me after a while. What was unique was its park-and-lock feature – I could hang the scooter over a pole and secure it with a regular padlock. Like the Xootr, it has both handlebar and rear brakes.
VERDICT A breeze to ride, with the bonus of thoughtful and practical features.

$269, from Motherswork
THE RIDE The floorboard was smaller than those of the Xootr and Oxelo models – a common feature among the lighter scooters. I could only fit one foot onto the floorboard; the other leg had to perch behind, resting against the mudguard. This became uncomfortable during longer rides. However, it matched the distance the Oxelo scooter covered in a single kick – impressive, considering its smaller size. As it was light (3.85kg), I had to grip the handlebars tightly to keep hold of it when going up gentle slopes, but this caused the front of the scooter to lift off the ground at times.
THE SCOOTER It was simple to fold and unfold – it just took a push of a small round lever. But it couldn’t stand upright without support.
VERDICT A decent scooter for adults who don’t weigh too much.
RATING: 7.5/10

$235, from www.whiteandblacktrading.com
THE RIDE The broad, thick wheels made quick turns extremely difficult, unlike the others I tested. And because the wheels were smaller in diameter (12cm, compared with the 18-20cm wheels of the rest), it also covered the shortest distance in a single kick. Otherwise, it gave a relatively smooth ride.
THE SCOOTER When folded, this 3.85kg model was the most compact of the lot. It had the smallest floorboard too. It could park upright, thanks to a small stand at the bottom. But the many levers, screws and buttons on the side of the scooter were confusing – I had to refer to the instruction manual several times before I got the hang of how to fold it up.
VERDICT Small and light, but not the most convenient to use.
RATING: 7/10

$199, from Hvper Sport
THE RIDE This was about the same size as the Razor scooter, with a similarly narrow floorboard, which made long rides tiring. At 3.5kg, it was the lightest. The wheels rolled smoothly, but because the scooter was light, I gripped the handlebars tightly when going up gentle slopes, which caused the front to lift off the ground.
THE SCOOTER A small stand on the underside lets it park upright. But a cumbersome latch mechanism meant that it took me some practice to figure out how best to fold up the scooter.
VERDICT Slim, sleek and light. You might want to share this with one of your older kids.
RATING: 7/10

This article was originally published in Simply Her July 2014.

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