REVIEW: 5 great rojak in Singapore


#B1-23, Gourmet Paradise, HDB Hub, 480 Toa Payoh Lorong 6.

“This is the famed rojak stall everyone raves about. I love it because they are very generous with their portions. The gravy is thick, with a full-bodied shrimp flavour. The crushed peanuts (there are a lot of them) and the youtiao (fried dough fritters) are also very fresh and crispy. There’s a hint of cuttlefish too, which adds an additional depth of flavour.” – Frenchescar Lim, photographer

#02-02, Dignity Kitchen, 267 Serangoon Ave 3.

“While rojak is not my favourite hawker food, I love the one at Dignity Kitchen, which is a hawker training school for the disabled and disadvantaged in Singapore. The rojak here is really good. There’s a good mix of fruits and vegetables that are not overly covered in the prawn paste sauce so you still get to taste the natural sweetness. For vegetarians, there’s a plum sauce option too.” – Ho Pei Ying, consumer and lifestyle writer

#02-14, Dunman Food Centre, 271 Onan Road

“Lau Hong Ser at Dunman Food Centre is my top pick when it comes to rojak, because of the smoky aftertaste in the salad that comes from the charcoal-grilled dough fritters and bean curd. The thick prawn paste that is mixed in with a tinge of chilli sauce coats the different elements really well, creating a mouthful of flavours in every bite. Be prepared to wait – the wait can go up to an hour – though.” – Karin Tan, assistant stylist

#01-45, Albert Centre Market & Food Centre, 270 Queen Street.

“When you are called Singapore Famous Rojak, you better live up to the name. And thankfully, this stall doesn’t disappoint. I don’t like rojak where there is too much of the prawn paste sauce, and this one doesn’t. The gravy is not too thick, just enough so that it covers the fruits and vegetables. The crushed peanuts are quite big, giving texture and bite to the plate. I also love the youtiao, which is more chewy than crispy.” – Ann Neo, senior designer

#01-211, See Lam Hern Coffeeshop, 449 Clementi Avenue 3.

“A long queue in a hawker centre usually means good food. I tried it because everyone was queuing, and only realised later that it is one of the famous stalls for rojak. The salad is sweet and spicy, with a rich shrimp paste sauce that has hints of citrus zest for a refreshing note. You can choose to add additional ingredients. I added cuttlefish and century egg for a very satisfying meal full of flavours and textures.” – Jessie Ng, editorial support