#01-206, Yuhua Market and Hawker Centre, 347 Jurong East Ave 1.

REVIEW: 5 best places in Singapore for cheap and good congee
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The congee sold here ticks all the right boxes. Aromatic, with a very smooth and silky consistency that borders on soup-like, but not too watery that it doesn’t have any bite. The choices of ingredients are the usual suspects: chicken, sliced fish, century egg and pork, liver and peanut. Portions of the elements are hearty enough to make for a filling meal.

2. 88 ZHOU PIN

#02-29, Toa Payoh West Market and Food Court, 127 Lorong 1 Toa Payoh.


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Go for the homemade meatballs. The meat seasoning is done well without being too salty. The meatballs are mixed in with preserved vegetables for just a bit of crunch and extra flavour. Congee consistency is thick, and it remains consistent throughout the bowl, so it’s goodness till the last drop.


#01-03, Toa Payoh Vista Market, 74 Toa Payoh Lorong 4.


Besides being known for their awesome dim sum, this hawker stall also sells one of the most flavourful porridges we’ve tasted. This chef used to be the head chef of Mouth Restaurant, so you know you are getting authentic tasting Hong Kong style congee. The sliced fish congee was an absolute delight with every bite packing a punch thanks to the range of textures and flavours from the sliced fish, spring onions, wolfberries and crispy crackers.


#01-54, Maxwell Food Centre, 1 Kadayanallur St.


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This famed porridge stall has a long queue no matter the time of the day. But the congee is definitely worth the wait. Thicker and gooier than other congees we’ve tried to make for a very satisfying meal. Nonetheless, just like how a good Hong Kong-style congee should be, you don’t really feel the individual rice grains. The generous toppings – spring onions, shallots, ginger strips, preserved radish (chye poh) – truly take the dish to a whole new level.


#01-150, 685 Hougang Street 61, tel: 9118-1569.


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For a bit of everything, try their Signature Porridge which comprises sliced pork, meatballs, pork liver, fish slices, century egg and cuttlefish. Rather than make for a very confusing meal, the different ingredients work really well with one another. If you think congee is always bland, think again because the varied elements here are extremely well seasoned and create wonderful textures in every spoonful.

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