Waffles are a delicious meal to eat alone or share with friends along with an afternoon tea or coffee. Even if you’re not into desserts or sweet food, you’ll see that some of these places even offer waffles with chicken, truffles and other unusual ingredients. In this list of waffle eateries that we’ve rounded up, you’ll find the best waffles in Singapore, ranging from conventional sweet waffles to pizza waffles.

Les Patisseries
222 Upper Thomson Road, tel: 9744-0504.

REVIEW: 4 cafes in Singapore to get delicious waffles
Image: Les Patisseries

Les Patisseries has one of the most extensive waffles menu in the scene, and even allows you to create your own customised waffles! On the waffles menu, their innovative take on waffles include the Hoffles which comes with a single scoop of Horlicks ice cream, Horlicks sauce and sprinkled with Horlicks powder. There’s also a version catered to tea-lovers – Thai milk tea & Earl Grey waffle!

We like the fact that you can customise the waffles and even get a half-sized one so that you can try out a few with your friends. You get to choose your waffle type and size, ice cream flavour as well as a sauce to go with. Expect nothing ordinary here!

Montana Brew Bar
#02-25, 1 Selegie Rd, tel: 6334-3137.

REVIEW: 4 cafes in Singapore to get delicious waffles
Image: Montana Brew Bar

The chic coffee car offers a selection of burgers, sandwiches, pastries and of course coffee, but the waffles are what takes the cake.

Savoury waffles are the thing here; choose from truffle mac & cheese, southern fried chicken waffle sandwich and a red velvet stack where you can either choose a crispy or soft, fluffy version.

23 Jumpin
#01-25 The Commerze, 1 Irving Pl, tel: 8798-2625.

23 Jumpin offers the usual cafe grub, and while their waffles selection is small, they are pretty unusual. There’s pizza waffles that come in 2 flavours – mushroom and Hawaiian and a classic charcoal waffle. Personally, I find the combination a little weird but who knows, it might rock the socks of those who love both pizza and waffles.

Griddy Gourmet Waffles
#B2-K12, Westgate, tel: 6465-9465.

REVIEW: 4 cafes in Singapore to get delicious waffles
Image: Griddy Gourmet Waffles

One look at Griddy’s menu and you’ll go giddy with the number of choices you have! There are savoury waffles which are presented like a sandwich and come with an exotic sauce such as laksa sauce and arrabbiata sauce.

There’s also a waffle dish that we all know too well now – battered chicken, waffles and waffle fries.

Dessert waffles include one that is drenched with salted egg yolk sauce, another that’s topped with Rocher gelato and a S’mores version that is made up of Belgian chocolate gelato, chocolate sauce, marshmallows and digestive biscuit crumbs.

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