$89.90 (comes with 300ml and 600ml tumbler, and two lids), from Mayer
USING IT It was easy to use, with just one button to hold down. Attaching the blades took no effort at all.  
STABILITY The most stable, as the motor comes with a rubber base.
TUMBLER DESIGN The water-bottle-like tumblers had a comfortable grip and fit my hand nicely. They had the tightest lids, and these were also the only spillproof ones. The 600ml tumbler was easier to use – I could push half a banana into it easily; the narrow mouth of the 300ml tumbler took only small chunks of fruit.  
NOISE Moderately noisy.
CLEANING UP I needed a brush to clean the tumblers – I could barely fit my hand into them.  
VERDICT Stable, ergonomic and spill-proof.
SCORE 8.5/10


$65 (comes with a 600ml jar, two 350ml tumblers, a lid, an extra chopping blade and a recipe book), from major department and electrical stores
USING IT It has two speeds – low, for soft fruits (which worked well for my smoothie) and high, for denser fruit like avocados. It took me a while to figure out how to attach the blade, and detaching it was scary as I had to fit my fingers into a nook at the back of the blade holder to unscrew it. It’s the only one with an extra chopping blade for mincing garlic and onions.
STABILITY With no suction pads on the base, the blender jumped a bit while in use.
TUMBLER DESIGN The lids go on and off easily but aren’t spillproof. The mouths are wide enough to easily take half a banana and whole strawberries. Unlike the others, which have flip-top lids, I had to remove the press-down lid to drink from them.  
NOISE The quietest of the lot.
CLEANING UP The wide mouths made cleaning up a cinch.    
VERDICT Quiet, easy to clean and doubles as a chopper too, although the blending blades took some effort to attach and detach.
SCORE 8/10

$59 (comes with two 500ml mugs and one lid), from major department and electrical stores
USING IT It’s the only one with an on/off dial – I liked how I didn’t have to keep my finger on a button to keep the blender going. It has two speeds and, like the others, a pulse option. Blades were easily attached and removed.
STABILITY Like the Philips, it has no suction pads to hold it down firmly, so the blender “danced” around the counter.
TUMBLER DESIGN The only ones with handles, which can be a boon or bane – they’re easy for kids to hold but don’t fit into the cup holder in your car.  
NOISE The noisiest of the lot.
CLEANING UP Effortless – I could stick my hand into the tumbler and scrub it out with a sponge.
VERDICT Made a ruckus, but was the most convenient to use and is kid-friendly.
SCORE 7.5/10

This article was originally published in Simply Her September 2013.

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