Whip up celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay's foolproof chocolate mousse recipe for an afternoon pick-me-up

15 minutes, and you'll have an incredibly rich and dessert on hand.

Chocolate mousse


150g dark chocolate
250ml creme fraiche
284ml double cream
25g icing sugar, sifted
1-2 tbsp Kahlua or Tia Maria (optional)
2 chocolate covered honeycomb bars, frozen for 10 min

1 Break 125g of the dark chocolate into small pieces (reserve 25g for grating later). Melt the pieces in a bowl placed on a pot of boiling water (or a double boiler). The base of the bowl should not touch the water. Remove from heat and set aside.
2 Add the crème fraiche to the melted chocolate and whisk until combined.
3 Place the double cream and icing sugar in a bowl and whisk with an electric whisk until it forms soft peaks. Fold the chocolate mixture into this mixture, and add the Tia Maria or Kahlua. Stir to combine.
4 Remove the chocolate covered honeycomb bars from the freezer, remove the packets and wrap them in a clean tea towel. Place the tea towel under a chopping board and press down hard on the chopping board to crush the honeycomb.
5 Spread open the tea towel and tip the crushed honeycomb into the mousse and fold them in with a spatula. Spoon the mousse into 4 small serving dishes. Grate the remaining chocolate over and serve.

This article was originally published in February 2010.