Durian leftover

Photograph 123rf.com / Wittaya Loysoungsin


Durian smoothie

Remove the flesh from the seeds and place them into an ice tray. Once frozen, chuck the durian into a blender with equal parts milk and whizz to create a smoothie.

Durian potong

Using the leftovers of the leftovers, the durian smoothie can be refrozen in a container into potong-like ice cream. Cut them into blocks and enjoy.

Durian Kaya

After removing the flesh from the seeds, you can mix your durian with traditional kaya for a delicious spread for toast. 

Durian Cream

Remove the flesh from the seeds and mix it thoroughly in a mixer with cream till smooth. Then you can pipe the cream into puffs or to be spread on top of cakes and muffins to savour the durians in a different way.

Durian Pengat 

Combine 500g durian pulp, 250ml coconut milk, 250ml fresh milk, 100ml water, 4 knotted pandan leaves, 70g gula melaka (palm sugar) and a pinch of salt in a pot. Then simmer over low heat for 1½ hours while stirring occasionally. After removing pandan leaves, cool, chill and serve your own homemade durian pengat. 


Tips courtesy of Chef Pang, Executive Chef/Owner at Antoinette and Chef Daniel Tay, Founder of Cat and the Fiddle.