RECIPE: Go Mexican and make easy chicken and cheese quesadilla

Photo Jasper Yu Art Direction & Styling Nikki Ho




1 pack Mission tortilla wraps
1 packet Emborg Pizza Topping
1 roasted chicken, shredded
1 green bell pepper, diced
1 packet Chacho’s BBQ Bonanza, lightly crushed


1 Place a wrap on a pan over medium heat.
2 Sprinkle cheese generously over it.
3 Once the cheese starts melting, scatter the roasted chicken over it.
4 Top with bell peppers – keep them nicely spaced out, and avoid placing any around the edge.
5 Sprinkle generously with the crushed chips.
6 Lift one side of the wrap and fold it into half. Press it down with your spatula.
7 Let the cheese melt a little more, then slide the quesadilla onto a plate. Repeat with the other wraps. Cut each wrap into quarters to serve.