What Skin Inc Skin-revival Infusion Cream, $278 (50ml) 

The Science Infusing the Uttwiler Spatlauber apple extract with a powerful stem cell technology, home-grown skincare stalwart Skin Inc’s latest anti-ager is a super-velvety moisturiser that is said to soften, nourish and revitalise all at once. It also has argan tree oil extract to pamper and plump up your complexion, as well as soya isoflavones to help replenish oestrogen, which promotes metabolism and cell growth.  

They Tried It…

“This was among the best moisturisers I’ve used. It felt thick on my fingers but was absorbed quickly into skin. The cream had a faint smell that faded upon application. After a week, I noticed the fine lines around my mouth had disappeared and the freckles around my cheeks had lightened. A friend thought I was using a new makeup base!” – Adeline Yeo, 34, art director

“This is my first anti-ageing skincare product. It felt a little oily on my skin but made my face noticeably brighter after just one week. My boyfriend said my complexion looked softer and smoother.” – Yip Jie Jing, 26, interior designer 

“My complexion appeared smoother and was softer to the touch after just a few days of use. I also like how it left my skin hydrated throughout most of the day. I’ll reserve it for night use as the cream felt a little heavy. How about a water-based formulation next?” – Pheonix Leow, 25, civil servant

“Other anti-ageing products I’ve used left a greasy after-feel on my skin. This was very light and was absorbed quickly. It kept my complexion moisturised throughout the day, even when I wore makeup. My skin appeared brighter and felt firmer. I’ll be including this in my skincare regime.” – Candice Phang, 31, illustrator

“A lady stopped me in the street to ask me what makeup I was wearing – I was barefaced except for this cream! I started using this after a long-haul flight as my face felt dehydrated. When I woke up the next morning, my complexion was plump and healthy-looking. My dark spots have visibly diminished too. I’ll be getting another tub.” – Annie Wong, 42, homemaker