Created by ramen chef and producer of Ramen Champion Singapore, Koji Tashiro, upon the request of Hong Kong celeb and producer of Ramen Champion Hong Kong, Eric Tsang, this variety of ramen (from $15.80) comes in four creative flavours: Red (Spicy Special Tonkotsu Ramen), Green (Spinach Special Tonkotsu Ramen), Black (Black Garlic Oil Special Tonkotsu Ramen) and White (Special Tonkotsu Ramen).

What makes these hearty bowls so palatable is the generous slices of tender cha shu made from pork collar. Cooked using the sous vide method – sealing food in airtight plastic bags and submerging them in a temperature-controlled water bath – the meat is incredibly juicy and moist.

The thin, springy noodles also absorb the creamy pork-flavoured broth well, resulting in a tasty mouthful with every bite.

We liked the Black Garlic Oil Special Tonkotsu Ramen best. The rich garlicky flavour goes well with the thick, comforting soup, and the black garlic – prized for its high levels of antioxidants – made us feel healthy even as we were stuffing our faces. 

That’s what we call having our cake – or ramen, if you will – and eating it too!

Ramen Champion has three outlets at: Bugis+ (#04-10, 201 Victoria Street, tel: 6238-1011. Open daily, 11am-10.30pm), Great World City (#01-22, 1 Kim Seng Promenade, tel: 6235-1295. Open daily, 11am-10.30pm) and Changi Airport Terminal 3 (#B2-58, 65 Airport Boulevard, tel: 6214-2958. Open daily, 10.30am-11pm).