With its petite size and the cheery shade, it’s hard to resist this vacuum cleaner’s attractive orange shell. This vacuum cleaner may be small but it still does pack quite a punch with its easy storage and flexibility. 

To test the machine’s effectiveness, we tried cleaning the following surfaces and corners:

suck it up 

 The Panasonic Cocolo vacuum cleaner

  • Furniture: Its flat nozzle allows for easier cleaning of inaccessible places like under beds and sofas. If a spot is especially hard to reach, the blower function can disperse dust to an accessible area.
  • Corners: The flexible joint between the nozzle and tube makes it a breeze to maneuvre, especially around the corners.
  • Window Sills: The 400-watt suction power makes easy work of the dust that often collects on windows and grills, eliminating any further need of wiping with a damp cloth.
  • Cleaning: The 1.4-litre disposable dust bag is easy to detach and change, while the filter and three inter-changeable nozzles – for floors, crevices and upholstery – are washable.
  • Storing: There’s a grip to hold the hose in place underneath the vacuum, so you can store it standing up.

VERDICT: It might not have fancy features, but the Cocolo is an affordable choice, and wins points for powerful performance and easy storage.

Panasonic Cocolo MC-CG302, $149, is available at all major electrical stores.

All product and pricing information was correct at the time of the magazine’s publication. We advise readers to check with the store for the latest availability and pricing information.

This article was originally published in SimplyHer January 2011.