After a hard day’s work, all you want is to go home, put your feet up, and get a good rubdown. Azlinda Said tested four neck-and-shoulder massagers on her aching muscles.

Product review Ogawa Vivid Touch massager
$188, from Ogawa

SHIOK FACTOR I had a stiff neck when I tried this, and within five minutes, I could feel the pain ebbing away. It mimicked the kneading and tapping motion of human hands. The massage was so-so, but did the job of getting rid of my aches and pains.

WHAT COULD BE BETTER It was the mildest massager of the lot. Even at its highest intensity (Level 10), there was neither pain nor discomfort, which some may like. But I wished the tapping motion was more intense to work out the kinks.

VERDICT For a mild to moderate massage.

Product review Oto Power Tap massager

$238, from Oto

SHIOK FACTORIt was like there were mini fists rapidly pummeling my tight neck and shoulder muscles – it felt good. The massage had a percussive rhythm that loosened my knots effectively. I slept like a baby after that. The rubdown, which came in 10 levels of intensity, was the firmest of the lot. This was the only massager that came with a car charger – great for road trips, and if you’re in serious need of a massage on the way home.

WHAT COULD BE BETTER The massager slipped down my back
during the massage and while readjusting it, I accidentally pressed a button and the settings were changed, so I had to start over.

VERDICT Gave the most comfortable and effective massage.

Product review: Homssage neck and shoulder massager

$149, from OG, BHG Bugis Junction and Robinsons Centrepoint

SHIOK FACTOR The fast thumping motion quickly relieved my tense neck and shoulders. Things started out soft and gentle before building up to an intense massage. I felt light and relaxed after 10 minutes. There were six levels of intensity – the massage felt great until Level 4. I couldn’t withstand the hard tapping motions beyond that – it felt like someone was hitting my back with rocks, and I got a slight headache
from it.

WHAT COULD BE BETTER The massager was a little snug around my neck. But unlike the rest, it stayed firmly on my shoulders and did not slide backwards through a session, even at higher intensities.

VERDICT For a relatively good massage at a good price.

Product review Osim uPapaMusic Sync massager


$298, from Osim

SHIOK FACTOR I plugged my music player (mobile phone) into this massager, which came with a headset, and enjoyed a massage that matched the tempo of the songs. Really cool! There were five intensity levels. I could barely feel anything at Level 1, but felt its prowess at Level 3. After the massage, I went to bed much more relaxed. Levels 4 and 5 were too hard and painful for me though – I’m a wuss.

WHAT COULD BE BETTER I had to adjust the massager, which slipped back occasionally.

VERDICT Gave the most entertaining massage.

Use your massager twice a day – in the morning and at night. The auto programmes in most massagers last 10 to 15 minutes, enough to relax you. Allow the massager to cool down first, before the next person uses it, to prevent the motor from overheating.

All shops are in Singapore. This article was originally published in Simply Her Mar 2012.

All product and pricing information was correct at the time of the magazine’s publication. We advise readers to check with the store for the latest availability and pricing information.