Getting your laundry wrinkle-free can be a chore, but half the battle is won if you have the right ironing board. Azlinda Said tests three.


Product review: Leifheit ironing boardEDITOR’S RAVE: LEIFHEIT AIRBOARD FUSION XL PREMIUM
$368, from Tangs



LENGTH & WIDTH 140cm x 38cm

SETTING UP All I have to do to adjust the height or fold up the board, is depress a lever at the side. The board is stable even on uneven ground, as the legs are curved. It’s the largest ironing board of the three, so it takes up more space when stored or in use, but it’s easy to handle.

USING IT I had lots of space to iron – pressing large items like coats and tablecloths was a breeze. The board’s shoulder fit (the curved end where you’d iron the shoulder of a garment) made it easy to iron all my tops. It also has the widest height range, good whether you like to iron standing up or seated.

EXTRAS The iron rest is removable; I could place it anywhere on the ironing board. The plastic surface of the ironing board is made from a thermo-reflect material that reflects heat, so creases are ironed out from above, as well as below, reducing my ironing time by 15 minutes. It was especially useful for my jeans and baju kurung.

VERDICT 9. Easy to handle, good height range, large surface, plus extras that cut down ironing time.



Product review: ikea danka ironing boardBEST VALUE: IKEA DANKA
$59, from Ikea

WEIGHT 5.4kg


LENGTH & WIDTH 120cm x 37cm

SETTING UP A lever underneath the board makes it easy to adjust the height or fold up the board. It also has curved legs, so you won’t have problems on an uneven floor.

USING IT Shorter than the Leifheit but almost as wide, the ample surface area made short work of my clothes. The shoulder fit made it easy to press the sleeves and shoulders of my clothes. I love how the cotton cover didn’t bunch up, so I had a smoother surface to work with.

EXTRAS The iron rest has heat-resistant silicone pads to protect the ironing plate from getting scratched. It isn’t detachable, but a depression in the rest holds the iron securely, so I didn’t have to worry about it slipping off; I had to be more careful with the other two boards, as they had metal rims to rest the iron against.

VERDICT 8. Affordable yet functional, with a big surface area and sturdy iron rest.



Product review: brabantia ironing boardBRABANTIA
$148 ($79.80 until Dec 31, 2012), from major department stores

WEIGHT 7.1 kg


LENGTH & WIDTH 110cm x 30cm

SETTING UP Adjusting the height was tough; I had to turn the board vertically on one end and slide the lever up or down. I tried doing it when the board was horizontal and ended up cinching my thumb. Ouch!  To fold it up, I had to pull out the lever, which was easier.

USING IT The board is the shortest of the bunch, but it is long enough to iron my pants easily. However, it was too narrow, especially for fuller skirts and dresses with pleats; I took twice the time to iron a blouse. The shoulder fit was smaller, too, so it took longer to smooth out creases.

EXTRAS A child safety lock prevents the board from accidentally collapsing. The iron rest can be switched around for right- or left-handed use.

VERDICT 7.5. Heavy, but has good extras; its small size saves on storage space.


All stores are in Singapore. This article was originally published in Simply Her June 2012.

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