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Be prepared to wait for at least 30 minutes for this weekend-only dessert at Butterscotch Café as it is made fresh. The souffle features a crusty exterior with a soft texture inside. You feel like you’re digging into a pandan pudding. Generous amounts of gula melaka pools at the bottom of the dish, which comes with a small side of gula melaka ice cream.

$18, from Butterscotch Café, #01-3625, 164 Bukit Merah Central, tel: 6271-1164.



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The pandan flavour punches through when you bite into the fluffy (and slightly crispy) buttermilk pancakes, while the gula melaka-infused shredded coconut bits in between add not only texture but a sweet lingering aroma. It also comes with a dollop of vanilla ice cream on the side, for a cold, creamy twist.

$14, from Collective Brewers, 301 Changi Rd, tel: 6635-7455.

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This indulgent green-tinged milkshake is frothy and creamy, with just a hint of pandan flavour to pay homage to ondeh ondeh but not to make it cloying. Swirls of gula melaka and bits of desiccated coconut make this beverage dessert incredibly addictive.

$5.50, Churros Factory, including #01-25, Junction 10, tel: 8500-0700.


I’ve eaten a great many number of churros than I care to admit, but nothing beats this ondeh ondeh churros from Churros Factory. The fluffy churros came with a crispy crust that gave a really good bite, while the fragrance of pandan envelops your taste buds so you cannot simply settle for one. But it is the warmed gula melaka dip that seals the deal.

$3 for 5, Churros Factory, including #01-25, Junction 10, tel: 8500-0700.



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Warning: you must have a sweet tooth before indulging in this. Speckled with desiccated coconut and rainbow sprinkles and drizzled with gula melaka, the pandan-infused waffles are topped with gula melaka ice cream. It is somewhat cloying, so do order to share. The mild-tasting gula melaka ice cream was overpowered by the other sweet elements, but it did help to cut back on the richness of the dessert.

$12, from Butterscotch Café, #01-3625, 164 Bukit Merah Central, tel: 6271-1164.

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When French-style pastry meshes with local desserts, you know it’s got to be good. Call to check if this popular dessert is available for the day, as the bakery usually runs out by mid-day. The éclair is filled with gula melaka cream within its soft, éclair pastry and then decked out in a pandan-flavoured white chocolate glaze and desiccated coconut.

$6.80, from Two Bakers, 88 Horne Rd, tel: 6293-0329.



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Layers of moist pandan cake, thick and sweet gula melaka and desiccated coconut are frosted with a fragrant and rich coconut Chantilly cream. Dine in and you get a complimentary side of ice cream of your choice.

$8 per slice, The Malayan Council, 22 Dunlop St, tel: 9002-4414.



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Fluffy, thick brioche toasts are topped with a medley of pandan-tinged grated coconut, chocolate tips and vanilla bean ice cream for an interesting local twist. The flavours come surprisingly well together, although we would have liked the toasts to be less dry.

$15, from Hyde & Co., 785 North Bridge Rd, tel: 6635-5785.