What it is: A new web-based app, ph360 may just put all other health analytics tools out there to shame. It pulls together data about your body, health history, ancestry, environment and lifestyle to provide you with an action plan tailored to fit your current health status. These recommendations are based on various schools of thought, such as anthropometry (the study of human bodily measurements), epigenetics (the study of how environmental factors affect genetic expression), Ayurvedic medicine (a system of Hindu traditional medicine), Traditional Chinese Medicine, western medicine and more.

My experience: The app sounded complicated but it was surprisingly easy to use. I first keyed in my height, weight and various bodily measurements, such as my head circumference, foot length and even knee circumference (make sure to have a measuring tape handy) into the system, before answering a questionnaire about my health and lifestyle. These questions ranged from my family history to travel habits, and it took me about 15 minutes to answer them all. The app then generated a thorough health evaluation within five minutes, based on my input.

What I liked: I was bowled over by how comprehensive the evaluation was. The app’s recommendations spanned six different categories – Mind, Food, Fitness, Place, Social and even Career. For instance, under Food, I learnt which foods (over 100 of them!) I should eat more of or avoid, based on my body measurements, age, gender, allergies, fat-to-muscle ratio, environment and caloric needs. Under Place, I learnt more about the environments (such as open and orderly spaces) that are most conducive to my overall well-being, based on the principles of geomedicine – a branch of medicine that studies the influence of climatic and environmental conditions on health.

I also liked how dynamic the app is. For example, you can choose to update your personal data (from your country of residence to the condition of your hair and nails) at any time, and the app will consequently recalculate its recommendations for you. Finally, a smart health app that changes along with your body!

What I didn’t like: While the app’s evaluations were accurate for the most part, I didn’t agree with some of its inferences, especially with regards to the Mind and Career sections. For example, it concluded that I am inclined towards the sciences, but this couldn’t be further from the truth! However, I appreciated the fact that I could give the app feedback accordingly (by clicking the “thumbs down” icon on each tab) – apparently, ph360 will then use my feedback to improve the accuracy of my profile.

Also, I thought that ph360 would work better as a mobile app, rather than as a web-based one. This would make it more convenient for users to access health information – such as foods to eat and avoid – on the go.

Cost: US$49/month or US$197/year. We recommend signing up for the lifetime membership at a flat rate of US$297 – especially if you appreciate getting up-to-date feedback and recommendations on your health.

To learn more about ph360, visit www.ph360.me.