MUST SEE: Nathan Hartono's 3 awesome performances at the Sing! China finals


With the conclusion of Sing! China 2016 last Friday, Oct 6, local singer Nathan Hartono has returned to Singapore to throngs of adoring fans. If you missed out on the action (and controversy regarding the results), here are the three pieces Nathan sang at the National Stadium in Beijing.

The Longest Movie- Jay Chou

Nathan made a bold choice to perform this challenging piece, and the gamble paid off. He racks up a ton of emotional mileage with this song and the raw edges on those powerful vocals had us holding our breaths til the very last moment.


Nunchucks- Jay Chou

Such a entertaining duet, performed with none other than his mentor on the show, Jay Chou. It had everything- from elaborate staging to the back-up dancers in kitschy costumes, not to mention Nathan’s impressive attempt at complicated Mandarin rap verses and his beatboxing skills. Plus, Jay looked like he was having so much fun when he and Nathan did their little dance-off. It’s a pity that the official video cut abruptly mid-performance!


Moonlight in the City- Mavis Hee/ Woman Flower- Anita Hui

Another one of Nathan’s many talents is imitating the er hu, a traditional Chinese instrument, which he does during the final showdown between him and Jiang Dun Hao, here. He may have not come out tops but we think this performance is the gold standard. Well done, Nathan!