Photography JASPER YU Art Direction & Styling ANN NEO

New patisserie Tarte by Cheryl Koh is so minimalist in design, it can pass off as a chi-chi jewellery boutique – but showcasing edible treats instead of diamonds. We had high expectations for this boutique outfit run by pastry chef Cheryl Koh, who helms the desserts menu at fine-dining restaurant Les Amis, a few shop units down.

Opened in April 2015, the patisserie specialises in, you guessed it – tarts. These are made fresh every morning, and in batches throughout the day. They’re delicate, so Chef Cheryl doesn’t like to make them in huge quantities – the team replenishes the tarts as they sell them.

Of the six ($8 to $9 each) the Simply Her team tried, our favourites were the lemon, chocolate and coffee. The ingredients were evidently fresh, and of high quality, but our top picks scored for how they surpassed tarts of similar flavours from other confectioners.

We love!
Lemon Tart 
“This is a must-try. Most lemon-curd tarts I’ve tried are too sweet. I like that this one has the right amount of tartness, and the curd is nice and gooey, not hardened pudding.” – Delle Chan, features writer

Chocolate Tart
“Chocolate tarts aren’t easy to get right – they can either be too bitter, or so rich that you have to stop after two bites. I enjoyed how balanced this one was – not cloyingly sweet, nor overly bitter, I can savour it down to the last crumb. The thin, buttery tart shell was exceptionally good.” – Penelope Chan, editor

Coffee Tart
“The thin and shell is one of the best I’ve tasted, while the coffee cream in the tart was smooth and rich, and brimmed with a cappuccino flavour that had a slight acidic edge.” – Lim Tsiao Hui, consumer and lifestyle editor

Other options: If you like fruity tarts, you might want to try the strawberry tart and passionfruit meringue tarts. We were enticed by how yummy they looked but found the sourish strawberry slices, and over-enthusiastic tang of the passionfruit paired with saccharine wisps of meringue, not quite as enjoyable as the other tarts.

These artisanal tarts are delicate, so do not subject them to a long journey home. We recommend you savour them at Caveau, the adjoining wine bar run by the Les Amis Group. Or buy them just before you head home, so the fillings don’t spread into a gooey mess if left out for too long.

Tarte by Cheryl Koh, #01-12 Shaw Centre, tel: 6235-3225. Open daily, 10.30am – 7.30pm