Tedious scales and exam pieces are so yesterday. Here are some cool classes in Singapore that budding Beethovens and little Red Hot Chili Peppers – or even you – will enjoy. Exams optional.

Make music lessons a family activity: sign up for classes at these schools. Image: Getty Images


Opus 3 Music & Arts

Address: Block 212 Hougang Street 21, #01-319 (2nd Storey), tel: 6284 9860, e-mail: opus3music@gmail.com

Handbells, boomwhackers and mini xylophones are among the instruments the school’s youngest students play with, as well as games, like a twist on pass the parcel (in this case, pass the word), which teach them to read. Slightly older kids benefit from over 300 mental games, including puzzles and card games, to learn music theory, with extra workshops on improvisation and composition.

Ages: From two-and-a-half years old; piano and keyboard classes available for adults.

Prices: From $130 a month for one-to-one lessons; group lessons from $160 for 10 lessons.



Kids Performing
Address: #02-29-31 Millenia Walk, Tel: 6836 5008, www.kidsperforming.com

Gear up your wannabe Katy Perrys and Justin Biebers to sing and dance under the bright lights. But if they’re less MTV and more High School Musical and Glee, the broadway option also involves some acting. Jazz is also available. And they’ll get to show off their skills onstage to build up their confidence.

Ages: Seven to 12 years old (performance training). But a range of classes is available for ages two to 19.

Price: From $680 for 20 lessons (Broadway Babies).



My Musical Chamber
Address: #B2-17 Bukit Timah Shopping Centre, Tel: 6464 7767, www.my-musical-chamber.com.sg

Junior will be given a personality test during enrolment, so the school can pair him with the most suitable teacher. The Tots Music course, which offers a different instrument each term – piano, ukulele, drums and violins – is a good sampling ground for your mini muso.

Ages: Three to five years old for Tots Music; from seven years old for individual lessons. Courses for adults and the elderly are also available.

Fees: $320 for three months, for Tots Music. Beginner one-to-one courses, from $120 a month.



Monteiro Music School
Address: Block 115B Commonwealth Drive #02-00, Tel: 6473 7172, www.monteiromusic.com

Like the best public speakers who can ad lib from cue cards, aspiring jazz players – even beginners – are taught to improvise with the blues scale here. Kids learn to play songs familiar to them, like the theme from Sesame Street. Jeremy Monteiro and his team are all professional jazz musicians.

Ages: Kids seven years old and up, and adults; lessons from beginner to advanced levels in piano, guitar and other instruments in jazz ensembles.

Fees: From $220 a month.

This article was originally published in Simply Her May 2012.